Ryan's Model Aircraft

Since the weather is getting better I am taking some of my 1:200 models outside for photo shoots and and I thought you guys may like them.


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Especially KLM

The retro liveries are the best, from the good ole days of flying.

Here’s a small chunk of my polished AA fleet :)



Wow! I love the SP!

I believe this is what happens when someone has money and nothing to do.


I think he has an airplane model shop.

Good to see the KLM 747-400 as well! ;)
They look absolutely great!
I wish I had a few of those!

Can you buy them like that, or do you have to build and paint them yourself?

These are all pre assembled diecast models.

They are really cool!
What is the brand and where can they be bought?

They’re a mix of GeminiJets, Inflight200 and JCWings. For online sales if you’re in the US, I would recommend my friend Nick at jetwaymodels.com

I’m in the Netherlands!

For your location, I would suggest either AvationMegastore or Aviation Retail Direct (ARD).

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WOW! A KLM 747 is about € 150,-! It looks great though!

Do you have any recommendations of stores in Sweden?

Really nice aircraft though! You have such a good collection!

or any recommendations in Canada? You have some nice models

For Sweden, I’m not sure how shipping is between European countries, if it’s not much I would still recommend ARD or AviationMegastore.

Now for Canada, I will have to ask around to see what the best is. I know there’s AviationWorld at Toronto but I’m not sure on their prices.

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That early model 747 in AA livery is awesome, that is something not many people have ever seen in real life.