Ryanair's sneaky tricks for a quick turn around.

In this article below you can find out some of Ryanairs snecky tricks to a quick turn around. After that you can fill out the poll.

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Flew Ryanair last year, and I am definitely not a fan of their boarding process.

For a nearly full flight to London Stansted, they had all the passengers just wait on the jet-bridge before the aircraft had even arrived. As everyone was squished together, it became really uncomfortable and weird, not to mention hot and stuffy. We waited for around 10-15 minutes before the plane even arrived. Then another couple minutes just waiting for the passengers to deplane.

The service on board was good though, and I’m sure even if there were seat pockets, it wouldn’t make too much of a difference.


I have been on Ryanair for like once and their landings are always 100% T H I C C

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Never been, never want to.

legit after i saw this i started getting a stomach ache

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Since when did Ryanair use a jet bridge

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Some say that the screams of thows who screamed threw the landing still echoes threw the cabin to this very day.

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I personally have nothing against this tactic. Sure, flying with them may be uncomfortable, but you get what you pay for.


Theres so much people that have not been on Ryanair. I’m surprised.

@anon24319801 I edited the second poll, you will have to vote again because I seen you voted last night then I edited it. Sorry.

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Agree with @Maxim, have flown a couple of times with Ryan Air, not recently I might add but mainly because the airports they serve are not convenient for where I need to be!

They save time and money by getting the cabin crew to clean and prepare the cabin rather than getting 3rd party contractors in. Saves Ryan Air money and time too. Aircraft are not making money whilst sat in the ground!


I would like

As im from cork in ireland I don’t really have a choice, I’ve Aer Lingus and Ryanair, i have to travel with both to get to different destinations around Europe. I don’t and never had a problem with Ryanair, yes its all abit rush rush with them but once they get me to my destination safe I’m happy. Ill be flying with Ryanair next month from cork to Las Palmas ✈️☘️


In my opinion (I used to work for Ryanair) they get this quick turn around due to this main reasons:

-Huge pressure on all pilots and cabin crew (my girlfriend works for Ryanair) Whenever you have the smallest delay you need to tell exclatly why it happened, and you better find a good excuse.

-The 737 is the perfect aircraft for it. Very low aircraft that makes possible to load and unload the bags without using too much ground equipment.

-Operating in smaller airports reduce the delays and allows the quick turn around. I was working for them in Frankfurt and they were never in time. Just too busy for them to manage the 25 minutes.

-No cleaning of the aircraft in the turn around. Just the crew picking the packages and bags.

I can say that none of the Ryanair employees that I ever met were happy or proud to work for Ryanair, nobody.


Wow, that’s ashame and incredible.

When my girlfriend gets sick and has a paper from the doctor they call to ask her why exactly she cannot work. If she gets sick 2 or 3 times in a moth she has to go to Dublin for a meeting and explain why she got sick so often. If the excuse doesn’t sound good enough you are fired. Thats why Ryanair is one of the most profitable companies in the industry, the employees are scared. Usually people work one year for Ryanair before going to another company if they can or leaving aviaiton.


I fell sorry for her

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Me too… fill

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Never flown Ryanair, but some of the reviews make it seem like it’s really bad. Is it really that bad? Well the no seatpocket idea seems really good for cleanliness as some say that the seat pocket is the dirtiest place in the plane, but having no storage space in the front also sucks. Also, the safety card in the seat means no collecting safety cards.

It had stairs at the very end instead of boarding the aircraft directly via the jet-bridge. Once you got down the stairs, you just had to walk a couple steps forward and then board the plane with the stairs on Ryanair’s aircraft

You should not do that anyway