Ryanair's first retrofitted 737-800!

The “NEW” Ryanair 737-800

The Boeing 737-800 that launched the modification programme is EI-DLY, a 16.27-year-old example of the well-known US narrowbody that, according to information from ch-aviation.com, has spent its whole career at Ryanair. Glasgow Prestwick Airport (PIK), where EI-DLY arrived from Birmingham Airport (BHX) in the early hours of January 5th, is the location of the procedure, according to FlightRadar24.

Photo source : AirplanePictures.net - by Ignasi González
  • So what does this mean for Ryanair?

The Boeing 737-800’s present winglets will be replaced by split scimitar winglets, which is expected to lower fuel consumption by 1.5%. Simple Flying estimated last year that, over the course of six months, this would result in savings of more than $30 million based on a total fuel expenditure of $2.18 billion in the first half of 2022.

  • Does this mean cheaper tickets?

While for some carriers, a large role that is played by fuel costs is the ever-increasing ticket prices, for Ryanair this may not be the case. With its already extremely cheap flights, starting from as low as €6.99, this is just another way the airline is moving towards its goal of net-zero emissions by 2050 that aligns to the Paris Agreement and the aviation industry’s Destination 2050 initiative.

WIth only 408 more aircraft to go, will this scheme bring a smile to O’Leary’s face?
Fellow spotters and travellers, drop some pictures below if you manage to catch EI-DLY looking like her contestant!


First pictures of the new installed split scimitars on Ryanair 737


Still ain’t improving their landings lol


Gives their pilots an opportunity to do this now:


Another one for my collection!


Well then this is good for passengers but Ryanair landing aren’t going away


I wouldn’t exepct them to hahaha

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Could think that was the MAX 8-200 on first glance, but on closer inspection they are different by far!


They indeed have some similarities, but both winglets look pretty cool.

Maybe I like the 737NG split scimitars a little bit more because of the pointy tip they got


That split-scimitar is definitely neater than the NG or Max in my personal opinion, though the Max winglet has its benefits as well!
(maybe even more than the split scimitar)

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