You know, I always have seen lots of people talking about how bad Ryanair is. I thought they just had bad service or something, but I didn’t know it was THIS bad…

I mean, I get the whole low prices thing, but this is just ridiculous… I just feel like ranting about this airline because it’s just that bad…

No television screens, bad service, the list goes on.


Just a question, would you really rate an airline bad because of no entertainment system? It just sounds stupid. You might do it for a part, but still… I’m not trying to start a fight or anything. Heck, I’m not against or in favor of Ryanair. Just IMHO.

P.S: I never flown Ryanair, so I can’t really judge it.

You get what you pay for with budget airlines…


Unless you fly jetBlue. They have satellite TV and radio at all seats, only have Economy on all flights (except JFK-LAX/SFO, BOS-LAX/SFO, and JFK/BOS - Barbados [seasonal])


That is basic even tiger air Australia has better and they have been rated Australia’s worst airline

JetBlue has the best entertainment wise.

What do you expect. I mean is still a Boeing you are not flying in a homemade aircraft. The basics are there.

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They have no entertainment system because most flights aren’t more than 4 hours. Also there newer planes have more leg room.


Flew 'em once. I shall never do it again.

Although, @JDE1303 is right about legroom.

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Ryanair have been excellent for me, In the past few years the staff have become far more friendly, so that often now, the staff are ten times more friendly and helpful than Aer Lingus (their main Irish rival). And, like the adds say, for me they have always been on time. I have never had a single delay with Ryanair, unlike EasyJet (their main rival in the UK) with whom I have had more flights delayed than on time, which has resulted in me having to sleep in Luton airport before because the plane arrived after the car rental closed. Even with simple things, like the fact that the have the stairwell built in, so you don’t have to wait 15 minutes when you land for the jet bridge to attach. It is very likely that Ryanair are also about to be single handedly responsible for getting rid of Passenger duty in Northern Ireland, which doesn’t just lower their prices, but indeed everyone else’s. I have never been on a Ryanair flight where they have ran out of hot food at breakfast, lunchtime, or dinner time. which happens on just about every EasyJet flight that isn’t its journey from the UK. As @JDE1303 says the legroom is excellent, which is useful for a man like me who is 6 foot 7.

With regards to the whole issue with an entertainment system, the majority of European short haul airlines don’t have one. (British airways being the only exception that I can think of), but at the end of the day who needs one anyway, the majority of people who fly own some form of portable electronic device (like a tablet, phone, or laptop) which can do all the stuff an aircraft entertainment system can do and more.

I fully understand that if you want a luxurious service in first class with fine wine and TV and a three course meal thrown in Ryanair may not be the perfect airline for you, just remember not all of us have enough money to fly like that everywhere, (all in all I’d rather have 5-6 holidays a year with Ryanair than one with BA in first class)

P.S Well done to anyone who read this whole post, I know it’s very long winded


You know, from the video there was really nothing wrong. The idea of the airlines is that you get from A to B. Not to have loads of fancy entertainment systems everywhere. It’s annoying that people expect luxury for £30 on the plane.


I tip my hat off to you, what great post about Ryanair!

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Ryanair are a unique experience. Yes the interior is a bit bright with all the yellow and the plane feels like a bus. And Michael O’Leary is a love / hate figure… I personally love his brashness and honesty.

But they are excellent value if you book ahead.

I got a £9.99 each way flight from London to Ibiza over the easter period last week. Easyjet were a rip off at £45 each way.

That is seriously good value, I’m happy to forgo the “luxury” of other airlines to save some money.

Michael O’Leary being amusing:

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For those of you want to know how budget airlines work, including Ryanair:

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Here we go again…

I’m not sure how many times this has to be hashed through!

It’s an Ultra Low Cost Airline. If you expect any extra amenities, food, comfort, etc. that you would normally get whilst flying with a full sevice or legacy carrier, **then LCCs and ULCCs are not for you. You get what you pay for, don’t expect flowery and extra memorable service unless you pay for it, especially in this greedy and profits-only world. So, don’t whine, don’t yell and scream and paste crummy reviews all over the internet. You should be fully aware of the service you are to get, there is no reason to go online kicking and screaming because you did not recieve anything THAT YOU WERE TOLD YOU WOULDN’T GET.

Sometimes I just don’t get human nature…


Great post! I tip my hat off to you! Also, thanks for the explanation.

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Also the other day I booked a last minute flight to Barcelona for a long weekend break and it was £15 each way!

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Spot on! You can book Ryanair flights from as low as £30. Just because people see adverts of aircrafts with full entertainment systems and first class, doesn’t mean all planes have them. Its like comparing a cheap nokia to an expensive iPhone.

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So… Budget airline does exactly what it says on the tin? I’m not really getting what the problem is here.


Completely agree with you on this one!

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