Ryanair Welcome on board this Virtual Flight. pt.4

Hello and welcome on board my 4th virtual flight in this series where I make the users of the IFC feel at home in their natural habitat of the sky. Enjoy your flight!

Attention on the concourse Ryanair flight 22 with service to Paris is now boarding

Welcome on board this Ryanair flight. May we have your attention as we display some of the safety features on this B737 800 aircraft. Please remove headphones during this demonstration. There are 8 emergency exits, each marked with a red exit sign, floor path markings will illuminate in darkness and guide you to the nearest exit in an emergency. There are 4 main doors, 2 at the front, one on the left and one on the right, and 2 at the rear of the cabin, one left and one right. There are 4 over-wing exits in the center of the cabin, 2 left and 2 right. Please note, the nearest exit may be behind you. To fasten your seatbelt please insert the metal end into the buckle, the secure pull on the loose end, and to release lift up on the buckle cover. In the sudden loss of cabin pressure, individual oxygen mask will drop from the over head compartment, if this happens remain seated. Pull down firmly on the mask to start the flow of oxygen, pull the mask over your nose and mouth and breathe normally. Don’t worry if the bag doesn’t inflate, oxygen will be flowing . To secure the mask pull the loose ends. Adults traveling with children, please attend to your own mask first. Your life jacket is stowed in a pocket beneath your seat or in the panne, above your head. In the unlikely event of landing in the water, remove the life jacket from the compartment and place it over your head. Bring the strap around your waist, and clip at the front. And secure as the crew is demonstrating. To inflate pull sharply on the red toggle, there is a mouth piece for further inflammation, or deflation and a light to attract attention. Do not inflate your life jacket inside the aircraft as to do so will impede your exit. Further information can be found in the safety card which is displayed within the area you are seated. Your captain invites you to read this card carefully before departure. Please now insure that your seatbelt is securely fastened, treatable is in the upright and locked position, armrests down and window blinds are open. We recommend for your safety that your seatbelt remain on while seated. There is a call bell, reading light, and air vent in the panel above your head. Mobile devices such as phones and tablets in airplane mode may be permitted through out the flight. Please select flight mode now. Laptops must be put in cabin bags under the seat in front of you or in carryon bags in the overhead locker for taxi takeoff and landing. We would like to remind you that smoking is not permitted. Thank you for your attention please sit back relax and enjoy your flight.

Ladies and gentlemen the captain will turn off the seatbelt sign once you reach our cruise altitude. Until then please stay seated until the seatbelt sign has been switched off.

ladies and gentlemen the captain has turned back on the seatbelt sign which will signifying our dissent into Paris. Please take your seats fasten your seatbelt‘s and enjoy the rest of the flight.

Ladies and gentlemen on behalf of the crew and flight deck today we’d like to thank you for choosing Ryanair and welcome to Paris.

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed your virtual flight. If you wouldn’t mind please vote on what flight I should do next.

  • BA A319, Ams-Lhr
  • UA A320, Sea-Den
  • Norwegian B787, Den-Cdg
  • Frontier A321 Den-Mco

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Oh also the test below the image is where it goes.

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I love how you wrote out THE actual Ryanair safety message. Like, literally word perfect! 👍 Nice pictures too!

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