Ryanair vs Aer Lingus

I prefer Ryanair. What do you prefer?

Have never flown one of these but I just can’t imagine something worse than Ryanair so Aer Lingus.

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??? If you’ve never flown one of these airlines how would u know?

True, but some of my friends have flown this airline and they didn’t like it at all. You get what you pay for. I know several pilots flying for major european airlines and some of their friends are in Ryanair. They also have a very negative feed-back: you work a lot, bad life conditions, not always a very good salary.

And, I won’t hide you that this airline is playing a very bad game with other airlines and proposing tickets at crazy prices. That affects the major airlines and creates lot of problem.

I still appreciate EasyJet but not Ryanair.
Aer Lingus is the national career, a major. I am pretty sure it is better than Ryanair.

Anyway, it’s my opinion. I would never fly this airline.


I don’t get why everyone hates Ryanair before flying with them, it’s like when children say “because it’s disgusting” when their parents ask them do you want to try [insert food item here] and they have never tried it before. I can understand people disliking Ryanair or any other airline if they’ve had bad experiences with them but you can’t judge without experience

Honestly I like both Ryanair and Aer Lingus and I fly with them both quite frequently, though I have to say I currently like Aer Lingus more as they upgraded me to business class quite recently😄.

I think people often dramatise how bad their experience with Ryanair is, It’s not that bad for its price.

Ok: Never say never.
I will try it one day :)

Deffo talkingribzz

What do you mean Jacob?!

That he’s right in what he means but yes deffo fly with Ryanair, you get what u pay for especially if u fly in their business plus- extra legroom and at wing exit a lot is included in it and it is only like 10gbp/EUR extra. Lovely meals and better service than before they’re improving big time, look at the business plus policy/ what’s included on their website. Where do you live? And where in Europe would u want to go to?

I live in Paris. I would like to go to Vienna.
Ryanair does not fly to CDG or Orly (they don’t want to pay the taxes).
To fly Ryanair, I have to go to Paris Beauvais (which is not even in the region. It’s like 1h30min from Paris by car…)

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Oh, Airfrance two mins I’ll just check

To put that into context for Irish people that calling Beauvais airport “Paris” is like calling Knock or Belfast Airport “Dublin” they are actually the same distance, I made the mistake of flying to Beauvais once without realising how far away it was😄.

Ino :/ terrible

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-Aer Lingus


I’d definitely take Aer Lingus:)

You are correct they do not serve Paris Charles de Gaulle but if we are talking seriously Paris Charles de gaulle is aa very popular airport and with that being said the airport would need expanded especially with a very popular airline like Ryanair serving near 10 flights a week or less possibly, Ryanair serve so many cities and destinations in France so they can’t serve the ones you exactly want them to serve, even If they are more common places in France, they go for the more holiday destinations. They serve many other countries to over 30 of them and more than 190 destinations In over 30 of those countries, this year already a total of 90million people have already flown with them including me (Dublin-Alghero, Sardinia). So they can’t really always get what you want and no offence but France isn’t the only important country they serve.

10 flights a week to one destination

I prefer Aer Lingus as I have flown with both and had better service with Aer Lingus the Ryanair pilots are rushed and could very easily make mistakes as they don’t have a lot of extra full. Plus Ryanair are very remanding as an airline they left BHD because they wouldn’t extend their runway for them by about 100metres or so.