Ryanair Virtual New Year's Celebration @ EGSS - 071700ZJAN17

Is the website down?

sigh* Lots of issues I have to resolve before its ready

The issue appears to be rectified. Thanks for letting me know :)

Add me too please!

Gate assigned :)

assigned :P

I was planning to do a flight today with this exact route with Ryanair! Sorry if it looks like I’m not following the rules as I am not actually part of the event. My callsign: Ryanair 213. If you see me, ignore me. And no I can’t come along to the event.

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Could I have a gate please

signed you on B23

Ok, we will ignore you.

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Can I join the event

ok, I gave you Gate B24L

Event is starting in 3 minutes!

@AdamCallow are you there?

@golden.spotter are you there?

I’m so sorry, I completely forgot, I got to do something else in a few mins.

Sorry about this.

All pilots in this event please decend now and maintain seperation since our ATC plans have fallen through.

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Am I allowed to use any of these images for our website?

Man… I’m really sorry. I just landed on a 3.5 hour flight.

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