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“Low Fares Made Simple”

Chairman: @Jack_White


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Ryanair Virtual is unique due to the simple fact that it is a low cost airline that operates to over 100 destinations. Ryanair Virtual is and will always be of high quality due to the type of work that the staff team will and will always commit to Ryanair Virtual. One of the high quality work the Virtual Airline has already done is this thread, which is done to a high standard. “Low Fares. Made Simple.”

Chairman of Ryanair Virtual

Ryanair is Europe’s Number 1 low-cost airline, carrying over 130m customers on more than 2,000 daily flights from 85 bases, connecting 216 destinations in 37 countries on a fleet of 430 Boeing 737 aircraft, with a further 240 Boeing 737’s on order, which will enable Ryanair to lower fares and grow traffic to 200 million customers.

Ryanair has a team of more than 13,000 highly skilled aviation professionals delivering Europe’s No.1 on-time performance, and an industry leading 33-year safety record.

The staff team consists of two tears; Junior Management Team (JMT) and Senior Management Team (SMT) and their positions are as follows:

Senior Management Team

Chairman - @Jack_White

Assistant Chairman - @Ben_W

Assistant Chairman - @Cheryl_Tunt

Junior Management Team

Human Resources Manager - VACANT

Events Co-ordinator - N/A

Events Co-ordinator - N/A

Chief Pilot - VACANT

Flight Supervisor - @CVRR3

Within Ryanair Virtual we have a simple and sophisticated rank system for the community within Infinite Flight:

Rank Hours Required Notes
Third Officer (Trainee) 0 Hours Boeing 737-700
Second Officer 1 - 35 Hours Boeing 737-800
Senior Second Officer 36 - 75 Hours Boeing 737-800
First Officer 76 - 125 Hours Boeing 737-800
Senior First Officer 126 - 175 Hours Boeing 737-800
Captain 176 Hours - 225 Hours Boeing 737-800

While flying with Ryanair Virtual, our pilots can accumulate specific rewards for specific reasons; this could be from flying a specific amount of flight hours, logging 100k flight miles or even being chosen as the pilot of the month.

Ryanair operates over 400 Boeing’s 737-800s and a single Boeing 737-700. We shall use this to our advantage and follow the real life company, using the single Boeing 737-700 for training and the 737-800s.

Boeing 737-700

Photo Credits: https://airlinerwatch.com/ryanairs-only-boeing-737-700-collides-with-parked-jet2-com-plane/

Boeing 737-800

Photo Credits: https://www.airlinereporter.com/2015/03/ryanair-to-fly-across-the-atlantic-using-which-aircraft/

Ryanair has numerous hubs and bases across the European region and numerous regions, however our main hubs are London Stansted and Dublin International (Headquarters).

Some examples of our bases range from Alicante in Spain, Paphos in Cyprus, Rome in Italy, Frankfurt in Germany, these are just a few of 225 destinations we fly to. We also have some local UK Bases such as Bristol, Manchester, Shannon and London Luton.

Entry Requirements

  • Grade 3 or above in Infinite Flight
  • Infinite Flight Pro Subscription
  • Age 13 or above
  • Access to Expert Server

Application Process

  • Upon submitting your application form, you will be taken to our written examination. This is within the entry process to learn the ability of the pilot who is applying for a position, but please, don’t be worried about this.

  • Once successful, you will be contacted by our Human Resources Manager via message in Infinite Flight Community and will be invited to join our Slack at Ryanair Virtual.

  • You will then join the Ryanair Virtual Internal Education which consists of a practical examination in our training aircraft (737-700) conducted by the Chief Pilot, and will assess the pilots ability of handling the aircraft.

  • We will then use numerous documentation for our pilots to be able to read regarding operations and rules within the Ryanair Virtual Pilots/Staff Handbook to ensure our pilots perform to the best of their ability.

Pilot Application | Staff Application

We Wish You Good Luck!

Ryanair Virtual 2019

”Low Fares. Made Simple.”


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Awesome thread!
Hope you do well. Good luck!


Great to see a Ryanair VA pop up!


Glad to see a Ryanair VA again! Hope you guys do well!

P.S @MaxedOut Even if Ryanair isn’t the greatest in real life it doesn’t mean this one will be bad either.


If your going to be rude considering all the hard work that has been put into to this i consider you don’t say anything, Yes I get there is a stereotype about Ryanair but this a game and a community and we don’t put people down for trying to widen the community and make it a better place


This is a superb thread. Good luck, Ryanair Virtual!


Looking forward to what the future brings to this VA.

Bring on Ryanair Virtual!

Nice thread! Hope nobody will make fun of Ryanair



Alright, jokes aside. Nice thread. Hope to see you guys bUtTeRing in the future.


Nice thread! One of the only airlines that flies Barcelona-Santander which is one of my favorite routes!


Lets focus on the VA and the tremendous work put into making it instead of the stereotypical things you guys can’t seem to stay away from :)


Looks good Ryanair Virtual


Nice thread and VA but correct me if I’m wrong, isn’t the only Ryanair 737-700 only used for training pilots?

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That is correct. That is why our pilots use this when training with our Chief Pilot.

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They also use the 737-700 For selected charter and moving crews around :)


Amazing thread!


Nice facia! All the best to @RyanairVirtual and the future.


Congratulations @RyanairVirtual, welcome to the community! Hopefully you guys aren’t buttering landings, but greasing them runways!


Ryanair! Welcome to the Infinite Virtual Airlines World. Another great addition to our wide selection of airlines and organizations from all around the world. Good luck, all the best and happy landings!


Congratulations on your approval! Good luck for the future!