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Welcome to the New 2022 Thread ‘‘Bringing you around Europe’’


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about us

Ryanair Virtual was founded by @LorenzoBefumo in September 2021.
Ryanair Virtual has shown a very big influence in the VAs world.
Bringin High realism, with the biggest route-operations of Europe. It operates overall in central Europe and it is continually expanding.
Everything is followed with details to give the MAX experience of realism. Also is operated by Ryanair Virtual, Lauda, MaltaAir and Buzz Operations, cause it is a sister airline in the group of Ryanair Group.


Progetto senza titolofacebooklogoyoutube

Information Instagram

At our Instagram, you can see lots of funny contents, as pilot could can tag us on a story like for a flight and you will get a reply!

Information Facebook

Our Facebook is also like Instagram, you can share contents and you will get a reply. Giving everyone the possibility also to contact us in lots of Social Media!

Information Youtube

On YouTube, we post videos, events, spotting, steaming and other cool stuff! Be a part of those videos joining us as a Pilot!


Dear IFC community,
you showed me how strong we can be. Giving me the sign to do more and more! And today we are here, after 6 months of hard work and huge activity, cheering a Virtual Airline that has more than 90 pilots. I am proud of what we have done, I am proud of you! The steps climb we have done like a 747-400 are very big. Lots of things are changed and our Realism standards are higher than when we opened! Every single ‘‘like’’ every single ‘‘application’’, has given (and will be given) us a force that you can’t even imagine! So now, take the best moment to be one member of our Family! Take the place you expect and go, go, go higher than the clouds!
Three Cheers for Ryanair Virtual!

Lorenzo B.
President of Ryanair Virtual


Europe biggest one, this alone makes us understand the magnitude of the Ryanair routes. And just like reality, we run the Originals Ryanair routes. More than 10,000 routes, over 200 bases across Europe. Dublin and London Stansted are our largest HUBs. Dublin par excellence with more than 130 destinations! The database is continuing to expand, this Summer will be Madeira also available!

from Dublinfrom stansted


Our fleet is simple and perfect for European Short and Medium-long haul flights. Ryanair is the 2 biggest buyers of the Boeing 737-800, they have more than 400! The route of Lauda are operated at the moment with the A319 Airberlin, we are waiting of the A320 Lauda livery (VOTE!).

Boeing 737-800-2   aibusa319

Boeing 737-800 Information

Available from Rank Cadet +0H
Rynanair has 409 B737-Next Gen, with 189 seats. Ryanair is also investing in more advanced technology Aircraft, for the environment. On oder are brand new 737-8 MAX, that will take Ryanair more efficient. Also Ryanair is planning to have for summer 2022 505 Aircrafts, which of these are the 737-8 MAX. They will Operate Ryanair Routes on Buzz and Malta Air livery.

37MAX, Buzz and MaltaAir

Airbus A319-100 Information

Available from Rank Captain +80H
Lauda in Real-life operated the routes by the A320. Unfortunately we don’t have it on Infinite Flight, so to bring Realism we chose to take the A319 as provisor waiting one Day the A320 Lauda will be added: Link for vote on IFC. Lauda operates from the HUB Vienna (LOWW) to the most European important cities!



Rank Hours Aircraft Notes
Trainee 0h B737-800 Ryanair Flights no longer than 2H.
Second Officer 10h B737-800 Flight no longer than 4H.
First Officer 25h 737-800 All flights available
Captain 55h B737-800,A319
Senior Captain 120h B737-800,A319
Chief Captain 300h B737-800,A319
High Chief Captain 800h B737-800,A319
Award Name Hours
Bronze Angel 700h
Silver Angel 800h
Gold Angel 900h
Platinum Angel 1000h
Diamond Angel 2000h


Our Staff Team is selected to give the best experience and professionalism. We care about the privacy and security of every single Pilot, We try to help everyone as best we can, and this is possible only with a perfect staff team as we have.

@Lorenzobefumo President Active
@Isabel_Ribeiro Vice President Active
@ - Human Resources Manager Recruiting
@ - Recruitment Manager Recruiting
@Marc260103 Flight Supervisor Active
@lauvsss Flight Supervisor Active
@ - Route Manager Recruiting
@ Event Manager Recruiting
@- Event Manager Recruiting

Event leaders and Route developer positions are always open. Just contact us per IFC for interest or apply directly here below 👇🏻

Apply Now as a Staff Member


Our communication System is Discord. We created a very nice and warm Server, were everyone is welcome. There you can speak, chat, send pictures and much more!
Apply now to see it!


We want to bring you the best chances to feel how it is to be a Pilot, at your entry you will be asked to select a career mode and these are:

Name Type Receives
RyR Bronze Fly from and to, you would like. Be careful, after 30 Days get inactive. Nothing
RyR Silver Depart from you Base, fly than how you want. After 90 Days inactive. x0,3 Time
RyR Gold Depart from your base, at the end the Aircraft must come back, you can fly some legs but then it must come back from your base. After 120 Days inactive. x0,5 Time


Copetitions are staffed and these are:

Picture of the Month

Sending a picture you have taken on the channel made for it, you will take part of the competition. The Public Relationship Manager will choose. It will be posted on the official Instagram of Ryanair Virtual.

Pilot of the Month

Pilot of the Month competition is, between all pilots, you can win it automatically filing the highest Pirep count.

Picture of the Year

Picture of the Year competition is the biggest competition, it is staffed Yearly the picture will be looked by all the Staff Team, at the end Approved by the President.

Pilot of the Year

The Pilot of the Year is also staffed with the ‘‘Picture of the Year’’ competition. The winner will take really carefully. It will not be selected only by the amount of PIREPs but also the behavior and activity.

Events are staffed frequently by the Event Manager, getting lots of fun, with also the possibility to do a event call and chat.
After the event you will get a multiple flight time with a code, to write it on filing the Pirep.


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@SaudiaVirtual, @VirginGroupVA, @AviancaVirtual, @QatarAirwaysVirtual, @AirAsiaVA, @Airbus_Virtual, @WizzVirtual, @NewZealandVirtual, @SpiritVirtualAirline

Tap to the logos to see the official Thread of our Partners!


Be at least 12 Years old
No IFC suspension
Not Black Listed by IFVARB
Able to use Discord

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Ryanair Virtual is in no way affiliated, sponsored, or endorsed by Ryanair.



This thread is amazing! Keep up with the amazing work Ryanair!


We will! 🏆


Amazing thread! Proud to be staff here ✈️✈️


❤️ Amazing thread, happy to be partners.

External Affairs
Avianca Virtual


Doesn’t Ryanair fly to two cities in Jordania too?


Happy to have this Partnership!

President of Ryanair Virtual


Yes: Aqaba Jordan and Amman Jordan.


In such a short period time so much development with a lot of passion in this VA. Great congratulations to the whole Ryanair VA pilots, it is a pleasure to be part of the Staff!

Event manager of Ryanair Virtual


Love the animated banners! Here’s to smooth sailing in 2022! 🥂

Matt W. - Avelo Air Virtual CEO


beautiful thread.

Welcome back Ryanair. I hope landings will be smoother here than real life😉


I forgot to add it on Requisition: able to make hard landing! Joking I always do butters

President of Ryanair Virtual


I love all of the GIFs! Haven’t seen that in other VA threads.


Join, you will also also other things :)!


Really wonderful thread, I’m more than happy to see your VA grown like that within the community.

Congarts and keep working !


Really nice 👍


Yo Baba! Thank you, best of lucks to Airbelgium VA too! Keep working too🙌🏻


Thanks a lot man!


Am glad 2 be a staff here at the Ryanair VA. Join now!!!


Awesome thread! Happy 2022 from Team QRV.