Ryanair VA

I applied for the ryanair VA a week ago and ive still not gotten any reply. I applied for the one with the last post being on march 31st 2024. Can anyone help?

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Hello there!

It’s spring break for a lot of people at the moment so things like VA recruitment may be slower if those in the VA who manage recruitment are away and/or on holiday.

I would say give it a few more days - if you don’t hear anything by next weekend - I would politely reach out to inquire about your application.


Will do. 👍👍

Did you entered the discord after the successfull completion of the entrance exam?

No, i applied for the va around a week ago and havent gotten any replies.

The system is automatic so if you pass the test you got a discord link.

Right but they havent given me a discord link, i dont even know if ive passed because no ones responded yet.

As I said, it’s automatic so you won’t have an answer the answer is given by the website on the page. Please do it again via this link, Ryanair Virtual Group | Apply Now and once you have done it and pass it you’ll be able to join the discord.