Ryanair VA?

Is there such thing as a Ryanair VA yet?

If so how can I get to it?


It is currently under review from the IFVARB (in the works), with @CVRR3 at the helm.

I was thinking the same I want to join Ryanair virtual

Will you have to pay to fly for them in interest of realism? :)


I was thinking the same the other night and found them to be in the up and coming on the IFVARB website.

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No. You do t have to pay a VA to fly for them.

No as CEO we are just going to have a test on the application form and if you pass your in and can fly! But you must meet certain requirements. I’m working on some pretty cool things for the VA to make it as realistic as possible with real world procedures being incorporated.


Wait so what happened to old FRVA?

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Things went wrong… I was the COO. I won’t get into details, but there were a few disagreements in the management and it was just a mess. It all happened in literally an hour or so.


That’s a shame. If you’d like to help just PM me. We are also most ready. Just waiting for review

Ok yeah I used to be in a staff position there it really sucks, looking forward to a bright future with @CVRR3 as the strong leader!

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