Ryanair uses new name on 737 MAX 200

Today some people near Boeing field have noticed something very interesting… A Ryanair Boeing 737 MAX 200 with the new name: 737-8200. What do you think about this?
(Photo by Woodys Aeroimages on Twitter @AeroimagesChris)


I prefer MAX 200, but 8200 looks cool.

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Here you can read some more information about this:


I always fly with Ryanair and by looking at the name, it gets more confusing. I prefer the MAX name. This also looks like a little smart move so people won’t really identify this as a “MAX” aircraft, relating to the disasters the Boeing 737 MAX had.

If they’re trying to hide the fact that it is a MAX aircraft, there’s a lot they’ll have to do to fullproof this. They’ll have to display this ‘8200’ on their tickets, their website…that’s a decent amount of work. Also, customers could figure out the fact that they’re hiding the fact that it is in fact a MAX aircraft and lose their trust in the company, slowly losing some customers that feel as if they’re being lied to. 🤔

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Of course, but let’s not be too serious. For non av-geeks they will not notice the name and some won’t fear flying it anyways. And this won’t take too much work as it’s simply website editing.

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The question is: Will this be the official name Boeing chooses in the rebranding process of the MAX, or is this a Ryanair solution?

I don’t like the idea of many different names for the same airplane. It’s not very transparent.


Sounds like the MAX reputation is worst than I thought. Are passengers as scared as that about flying with this boeing.

I think it’s a good way for Boeing to go so people feel more safe on board the MAX because people will just think they are on a special model of the -800.

Well I think it’s a smart move.

100% a smart move. They have to get the MAX fear out of the passengers head. United clearly states the aircraft type on a 737 and the captain started talking about the good safety rating of the regular 737s and that the flight will be fine.

Apparently this is actually what they ordered. It’s a different model called the Max 8200 so it’s less so a rebalancing in Ryanair’s case. Other airlines will have to use something different

To be honest I don’t mind, but I would still refer to the aircraft as MAX anyway, just like any other rebrandings

I can give two examples, a fuel chain changed names from Statoil to Circle K, but I refer to it as Statoil, and NSB changed name to Vy, but I still refer to NSB

Ryanair don’t display the aircraft used on their website.

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Also for a while Ryanair have been calling their MAX aircraft B737-8-200, So I think it’s just without the dash but we don’t know yet.

Is this because they only use the B738 so there’s not really any point in showing the aircraft type?


No need to freak out all. This is what the aircraft is called. This is the Max 8 variant that has 200 seating capacity. Hence the -8200. The name is Max 200 for simplicity but the formal name has always been 737 Max 8 200. This variant had been offered since before the -10 and is mean to be for the LCC high density routes, primarily marketed to Ryanair and Southwest.


Yeah sure what about this one

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I like the name

This applies to Ryanair only is the point. Other airlines probably won’t rebrand or will have to use a different designation if they don’t have this high density config

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