Ryanair sunrise wingview

This is a shot I took in my last flight on Ryanair, I think it’s one of the most beautiful photos I’ve never taken from a plane.

Airline: Ryanair
Aircraft: B737-8AS
Registration: EI-DCP
Seat: 6F
Route: LEPA - LEBL
Date: 14MAY22 - 6:27 CEST
Location: Bay of Palma (39.51418279880837, 2.6389945441200013)


Nice one !

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Wow looks amazing! How was the landing?? 👀

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Thanks! The landing was pretty smooth tbh. Here’s the video, posted on my IG profile:


Not to bad especially for Ryan Air. 😂

It felt butter. But the roll was a bit bumpy + I was filming without stabilization on

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