Ryanair Sun Virtual Airline

I know that there is a Ryanair VA but Do they use Ryanair Sun (as a charter alternative) if no can I take Ryanair Sun?


I recommend looking here to see the available VAs.

I think there could only be one Ryanair VA, but I am not sure. (If anyone can confirm this, it would be greatly appreciated.)

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Depends if the moderators can accept it.
Depends if you will always take charge of your group.
Depends on how well you communicate with others
Depends on how neatly your VA information is displayed.

Etc, etc.

Also, Ryanair Sun is a really small corporation based in Poland (I think) , and I probably won’t recommend dealing with a really small airline that looks just the very same like Ryanair.

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there is a Ryanair VA but sun could be classified as a different airline

Im in LOT VA and I’m friends with the CEO so if this ever happens I can ask him for help

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