Ryanair strands passengers three countries away from destination due to high costs

Good on you greek government

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Not always if it isn’t their hub. Companies like Ryanair have very few spare planes and a very tight schedule, it probably had to go do another flight. That way they don’t have to pay compensation. If they had used the plane later they would have had to cancel flights the plane was going on to do.

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I feel bad for Ryanair they get treated like garbage
Their not a bad airline

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I see a lot of these Ryanair bashing threads nowadays… I don’t morally agree with some of the decisions made but I have to agree with the phrase “You get what you pay for” at the end of the day. Ryainair is only focused on the bottom line, the business. I give them respect for being so dedicated to this principle. If you don’t want to deal with these types of situations, don’t fly Ryanair. Simple.


I think that was a typing error

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I have no intentions to become the advocate of Ryanair and I totally understand the frustration to be stranded 700 km far from your final destination. I will just write some of my thoughts on the event

Ryanair has certain terms and conditions regarding diversion to alternate airports. Nowhere is stated that the diversion airport has a limited distance radius from the final destination. It is also stated that instead of the plane going to the final destination after the diversion, alternate means of transport can be chosen by the airline and offered to the passengers without additional charges.

The airline offered the passengers bus transport to the final destination and from the total passengers 89 refused to board and decided to spend the night at Timisoara. At that point any legal obligation on the part of the airline to the passengers who refuted the bus transport was dropped.

I recognize the fact that Ryanair had the ability to arrange a plane transport to Thesalloniki or land on an airport closer to LGTS and that is what common sense dictates. On the other side, Ryanair offers one of the cheapest products in Europe while maintaining high safety standards. Why people expect to receive a product they never actually paid for? When you buy a 100$ smartphone will you go mad on it because it doesn’t capture FHD 60 fps video?

You pay for the absolute basic and you get the absolute basic from them. I find it a fair trade. I have flown them multiple times in the past and I will continue to do it while I keep myself aware about the product I buy and the risks it carries.

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Agreed. I’m no critique of Ryanair’s ways - I’ve flown them on the Athens-Thessaloniki route plenty of times when Aegean was too expensive and I didn’t feel like taking the train. Excellent alternative.

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Ryanair is just spiraling downhill in quality lately. This is just…

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