Ryanair Should Hire Me... @ EGPH - Expert Server

I think this meme is appropriate… 😂


Takes flair to be a good recruiter!

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Takes flair in order not to flare

no sarcasm intended

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These Ryanair hard landing videos are old and not funny. For all the bashing of ryanair have they ever crashed a plane or lost passengers though pilot or company neglect??? NOPE. My uncle flies for them and he takes his job very serious. Customer service wise they may not be the best but safety wise ryanair are among the safest… Have a good day


I apologize for making a joke. In the future, I’ll avoid having fun while playing on the expert server.

This is ridiculous.

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There is the casual server to use if you want to have fun mate! Its the title that got me to watch the video. Ryanair should hire me = you have to be good at making hard landings to work for them. This is incorrect. All 737NG/max pilots are trained to the exact same standard regardless if they fly for ryanair or not

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The only thing that hurts is how late you put the gear out

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What you’re saying has nothing to do with what you were complaining about just above. You were clearly complaining to the fact that I had been joking about Ryanair. Well, whether you like it or not, whether you find it funny or not, I’ll have fun with whatever I want as long as it isn’t disrespectfully shocking people or is not against the rules.

If you’re not fine with that, you can simply disregard the topic.


I was about to forget them! Just imagine. It wouldn’t have been a landing, it would’ve been a crashed.

But anyways, on both cases, at the end of the day, there would’ve been no apparent landing gear. x)


As is the case with Ryanair

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well look we can agree to disagree. And i will leave it at that!

Ryanair’s landings aren’t even bad though


@anon67724595 Don’t justify yourself, some people really need to chill, you liked your video and you wanted to share it, that’s it !

We all know that « Ryanair is a cool airline », no need to come by groups against one person in a thread if you don’t really believe in this affirmation as you pretend to do and so you have to bother everyone with annoying and useless comments which are not opinions, it’s not our problem… It’s supposed to be y’all fav airline, why do you have to reassure yourself again and again about its sucess by leaving a bad comment against him , make sense tho,

(2 hidden ppl cause wow, don’t want to see annoying comments)


Im Irish and a big supporter of Ryanair. Ryanair success story from a small Irish airline to a multi billion euro company carrying millions of passengers per year is nothing short of incredible. I even follow real world procedures and SOPs when doing Ryanair flights in Infinite Flight. Unlike some I can joke about their landings even though they butter 99% of the time. I’m not sure why people in this thread can’t take a joke and are actually taking a video seriously!?