Ryanair’s Forgotten Fleet (kinda)

Ryanair is one of Europe’s biggest low cost carrier which goes to random holiday routes in a cheap price but…anyway

People say Ryanair only has 737s as Ryanair has around 100+ (normally 272) but…remember around the 80s and 90s Ryanair has other aircraft

Ryanair Had some ATR 42 for like short-regional flights around Europe or UK, they retire them in 1991 so they didn’t last that long obviously


Ryanair gotten one of its jet aircraft on its early days which can go regional or other countries as it could do, one of them it’s painted into a new livery then the white blank one
They retire them around 1994 so they got them around 1986 so they lasted fine

Also it’s in early days this aircraft isn’t normally talked about in IFC, they fly to regional routes throughout Europe and retire them in 1989 since they only last 3 years

Ryanair’s first aircraft has this…one of Embraers first commercial to come , Ryanair (or as Ryanair Commuter) operates them for like 4 years then retirement in 1989

What’s your thoughts on these aircraft comment below |


sad MAX noises

Great topic! It’s good to see a bit back in airline history!

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Can I just add The Ryanair livery to The 737 700 I know they have a few recently I have wanted to Have it because my landings have just been horrible and currently Solo mode only

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Ryanair’s old logo looks pretty interesting and might look better in modern livery (if done right) in photoshop

The Ryanair livery in the 737-700 is actually some cooperate jet (since they have 1) but that would be cool to see if it could happen

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