Ryanair refuses to apologize after passengers find "dried vomit" on seat

Two Ryanair passengers on a Bristol bound flight discovered “dried vomit” on their seats during a recent flight with the airline.

The two passengers flying between the Spanish city of Alicante and Bristol in the U.K were boarding when they discovered the mess on their seats. After informing the cabin crew the Spanish couple was moved to other seats however other passengers who had to move to suit their request were put into the extra legroom row, making the Spanish couple unhappy. They also asked for the mess to be cleaned up so they could sit down in their assigned seats, however, Ryanair wouldn’t budge with the onboard staff informing the couple that doing so would cause a significant delay to the aircraft’s departure.

Ryanair then responded with a statement in which they stated that: “All Ryanair aircraft are thoroughly cleaned by professionals at the end of each day, in line with industry standards, and cabin crew carries out a cabin tidy and toilet check at the end of every flight, during the turnaround”, therefore proving that their cleaners aren’t doing the best of jobs considering dried vomit obviously from a previous flight was not cleaned. Ryanair did not apologize while the Spanish couple told the media that they had been “treated like cattle”, which in all due respect isn’t really unusual from Ryanair, it’s pretty much their slogan (“We treat you like cattle because you paid 15 pounds for a flight”).

Ryanair is no frills and cheap but dried vomit on the seat is pretty unacceptable for any airline, no matter how much you paid for it.

One of Ryanair’s 450 Boeing 737 aircraft in service, EI-DAC, full photo credit


Lot of crap talked about Ryanair, but yet it is one of the safest airlines in the world with no fatal accidents.


That’s rude… I mean we get that it’s cheap and all but those passengers deserved an apology.

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Well you get what you payed for

Vomit on a seat is unacceptable by any standards. As long as they payed money for a clean seat, then they didn’t get what they payed for.


Technically they didn’t lie…

They should still clean the planes more than that.

Have you seen some of the turnaround videos? They have the Flight Attendants clean the plane.


I find this to be outrageous. I can’t think of a single airline that doesn’t clean the seat enough. And then they come out and don’t even apologize? Unbelievable.


This is pretty rediculous if you ask me. Why should anyone have to put up with that? The FAs should have sat in that seat, and then we would watch them complain!
at this point westjet737767s rant became repetitive and had lots of profanity so he decided to make this message

There was one fatal accident. That landing gear on that one video died after that landing:). But I don’t live there I live in the United states so I wouldn’t know anything about them.

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So they only got mad when the other people got put into extra legroom seats?


Yeah, and I’m sure they know how to grease a landing, too.


This is not good to hear. No one deserves to to sit in a seat with vomit on it.


Completely agreed. Take the cushion away if it’s that much of a discount airline, at least the seat could be rinsed off.


In all no matter if an airline is low cost or ethiad the seats should be clean and should definitely not have dried vomit. At the very least the airline could apologise!

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Well I guess the saying goes: You pay less you get less.

I don’t know about Ryanair but can the passengers demand the airline to put them on another flight as compensation?

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Oh, that’s really cute lol. No human fatalities ever, one of the safest airlines in the world ;).

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WOW! i have been on many airlines, but something like this, not even bothering cleaning up the vomit and not even giving a apology to the customer, I CANT EVEN! This is outrageous. What was Ryanair thinking? WHY?!

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I see some people saying, “you get what you pay for”, but when I pay for an airline ticket I don’t pay for vomit on my seat.

And no one talking about how safe the airline is. It’s about having a clean seat. I think that’s understandable.

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That is disgusting…

Ryanair is Ryanair cheap inconsiderate and won’t do anything else then what there required to do because it costs money and Ryanair is always thirsty for money no matter how bad they treat their customers

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