RyanAir Punishing FA's for missing Sales Quotas


It has become known to the public that RyanAir is punishing their flight attendants that don’t sell enough items during flights such as lottery tickets, booze, and perfume.

The punishment is reducing the time off, where FA’s will be put on Reserve instead of a typical five days on three days off.

The most I’ve seen of this happening in the U.S. is when Flight Attendants give their credit card pitches and make commissions on it.

What do all of you think about this? I wonder if this is a part of the FA’s contracts to begin with.


Can someone expain what fa stands for?

Flight Attendant.



Flight Attendant is what it means.

If this was part of the contract (which by the way is completely ridiculous if it is imo) I would agree that some action would have to be taken, but not in the way that Ryanair has decided to take.

Maybe training their FA’s better (which by the way is very minimal) would be the solution

They will probably lose more money from the bad publicity then having their FA’s meeting their set quotas on the onboard goods. Typical Ryanair.


It’s duty free, literally all airlines offer it.

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Yea… I haven’t seen another airline punish FA’s for not meeting quotas…

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