Ryanair owners want to fly in Argentina

Owners of Ryanair want to fly in Argentina.

Executives of the company are in talks with Minister Dietrich. They´re in search of local investors. Interest in the bankrupt airline Sol.

The Irish group Irelandia Aviation, owner of the low-cost airline Ryanair (and others), formalized its interest of entering Argentina’s domestic market: as it was told by Joe Mohan, director of the Canadian airline Allegiant, a member of the group, to Argentina’s Minister of Transport, Guillermo Dietrich. “They’re interested in entering Argentina’s market”, said people close to the Minister.
Even though its mostly known by its low-cost airline Ryanair, which practically flies in all of Europe, Irelandia is expanding throughout the world, with two airlines in America (Allegiant in Canada and Viva Colombia), and one in Oceania (Tigerair).

According to reports, Irelandia executives expressed their interest to Dietrich in establishing an airline based in Córdoba. Moreover, the have already had meetings with potential investors, such as the transport company Andesmar, and an investment fund. “They’re looking for investors, but without giving them control, which would remain within their hands”.
They have also shown interest in Sol, an airline which hasn’t flown in over a year and hasn’t paid their employees since the beginning of March (they’re protesting on the company’s counter in Aeroparque).

Alongside Mohan, who is the head of Irelandia in Canada, in their wish to establish an airline base in Córdoba, is Declan Ryan, son of the company’s founder, Tony Ryan, who founded Ryanair with one aircraft that flew between Dublin and London. Today, between the four airlines, they handle a fleet with over 400 aircraft, all of them low-cost: with the exception of the seat and hand bagagge, everything extra (food and bagagge), is paid separately.

For now, the government has been hearing different proposals to compete against Aerolíneas Argentinas/Austral and Lan in the domestic market.
There are only two ways in which to obtain an authorization: buy a local airline that already has routes, or wait for a “call” from the government. The last time that happened was when Néstor Kirchner was president.

Official sources state that, alongside Irelandia, Pacific Ocean (from London Supply) and Vía Bariloche, want to join.
Avianca is an already known case, which signed an option to buy McAir, an air taxi company, in which the Macri family has participation.

Translated from here: http://www.ieco.clarin.com/economia/duenos-Ryanair-quieren-dentro-Argentina_0_1566443489.html


Allegiant is Canadian?

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That´s what I read. I thought it was from the US.

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I think so. I think their headquarters are at Las Vegas.

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It is from US

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It says Canada in the original article. A mistake probably.

Maybe the source isn’t a trustful as it may seemed like.

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Maybe. One would think they´d check their information twice at least.

Did you check if anyone other article talk about that?

There´re several, but they say the same, that Allegiant is Canadian.

Allegiant was founded as WestJet express.

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Maybe that’s why

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Don´t know why they didn´t wrote US airline though.

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I just was going to ask the same question. It may be founded by a Canadian company but it’s a us company now.

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Ryanair long haul? Seems insufferable… if Dublin/Buenos Aires that is. Otherwise, go ahead with your two star airline!

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Oh heck I’d fly Ryannair in the US if there was the option! Especially if it’d get me to Europe cheap!

West jet express is not Westjet. To avoid confusion, they changed the name to allegiant.

They aren’t going long haul, they will try to create a new airline to compete in Argentina’s domestic market.

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Brace yourselves for hard landings in Argentina!


lots of pavement work in the touchzone areas.

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