Ryanair orders 200 737 Max's

Ryanair has signed a contract with Boeing to order up to 200 of the new 737 max 200’s worth up to $22bn. More info can be found here Redirect Notice

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737-200 Max is it not the 737-8Max

No it’s the 737 max 200

@JDE1303 is correct.

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I have confidence that they will have an A380 by the end of this decade. I really want to see that. ;)


Yeah how cool would this look!image


@JDE1303 sorry I thought that they order the 8 version of the 737 Max

No problem!

If Ryanair had an A380 they would probably break records by squeezing the most passengers into if, I’d say at least 1000 seats knowing them haha! They have no care for legroom/passenger comfort


@JDE1303 you don’t know how convincing that picture is. It makes me think that Ryanair already has one


Great. 200 new planes without seats, toilets
…I am sure they will also remove some buttons in the cockpit. What is the use to have anti-ice? No need. They will also remove the FDR and the CVR (too heavy).
The flap lever is very expensive so they will only buy half the lever (between 0 and 2). The PFD could be less bright, no need of flood lighting. ECAMs are too big, too expensive. They will buy two smaller ECAMs. No need to have 2 FMS, one is enough. Same thing for ailerons. Why to have two of them in each wing? Isn’t of enough to bank? Anyway, they don’t serve us any food, so they will remove all the galleys. That could make more space for other passengers. They will then come on hubs like Paris CDG or Amsterdam Schipol, selling tickets at 20€ and destroy the national career.



I think it’s actually the same plane, just optimized to carry a few more passengers (200 passengers actually)

Oh is that what he meant by 737-200 max?

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They want to start operating Trans-Atlantic flights so an a380 may be possible.

Where was that stated?

Michael O’Leary states it every now and then on Irish chat shows, and he’s usually a man who sticks by his word, he has also stated rarely that he wants Ryanair to become the world’s largest airline. (Sorry don’t have a link though)

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It’s a 200 seater

Because they wanted to buy out Aer Lingus

Well, at least they tried to…