Ryanair Opens New Base In Paris Beauvais

Ryanair Opens New Base In Paris Beauvais

Ryanair, the budget Airline opened a new base in Paris. Specifically, Paris Beauvais airport. They had threatened to close bases because of the 737 max grounding, but they think the max is coming back very soon, so they’re starting to open new faces again. The space will be served by the 737-800 for now. The airline said

The new French base is set to open on December 3rd. There will be over 105 weekly flights to 32 different destinations. The Irish low-cost carrier already serves many of these routes. However, there will be two new routes launched. These will see the airline serving Pathos and Manchester with twice-weekly flights.

Also quoting

“We are delighted to announce a $200 million investment at Ryanair’s fourth French base in Paris Beauvais Airport. This development will create over 2,300 direct and indirect jobs at a time when other airlines, including Air France retrench and reduce capacity and investment, despite receiving €7bn in discriminatory State Aid.”


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Didn’t they have a base at Beauvais as their previous strategy of having a base at lesser deserved airport outside of the main city?

Thats cool to see them in Paris!

Honestly though a Ryaniar “base” is just an airport that has 3 Ryanair flights a day

If you just look in the info you can see how many bases they have

That is true tbh lmao

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interesting, they may have to repave the runway so it doesnt break when they land.

JK, I didnt know ryanair really operated out of larger airports.

This is not De Gualle. This is Paris’s 3rd airport, after de gualle and orly


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