Ryanair looking landing with a American 737-800

Landing like Ryanair.
The blue Pennsylvanian sky was without a cloud.

Short flight on casual server from KHGR to KLNS with a 737-800

My Ryanair style landing.


Why did you land at Lancaster in a 737 lol

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Iā€™m trying to stack up on landings. I figured if it would stop on the runway I would attempt it, though AAPR definitely helped.

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And any reason why you chose Lancaster? Kinda random šŸ˜‚

I took a short flight and Hagerstown lined up right with
Lancaster so I said since it has ILS AAPR should be able to land it.

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A Cirrus SR22 would have worked but I think landing a 737 is better.

I took this plane off from Hilton Head where the runway is way to narrow. Someone how I was able to takeoff.

Oh my!poor landing gear and passenger