Ryanair Input

I am planning a trip this summer, and Ryanair always comes up. I have heard it is bad, but how bad is it? What issues are there (except hard landings)? And Finally, should I book it? Thanks

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Well there are some delays but nothing over 20 hours. ;)


I recommend reading reviews from other people.
Here are some to start you off:

it is a budget airline so you wil be charged excessively for every little thing like luggage snacks checking in at the airport and they dont even have reclining seats

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It’s a short flight, do you even need reclining seats? You can’t really ask for that luxury from a budget airline…

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My flight would be 3 hours and 45 minutes

Where are you flying from and too?

For almost 4 hours I strongly not recommend RyanAir.

Stockholm to Luqa (NYO-MLA)

Have you flown and had expirences?

SAS would definitely be the best in my opinion, although it is rather more expensive. Very highly rated however.

I’ve been flying with RyanAir everytime I go to Europe and everytime the seats are uncomfortable and are bad for your back, the food menu is over priced, as @Lamborghini_Husky said, every little thing will be charged for.

I think @Swiss might have something to say here


well i was informing him of this as i usually fly delta first class so i am very used to luxuries like that and i am just saying

Ok! I will hear more feedback but thanks for all the initial thoughts!

Ryanair are awesome. I do not understand the hate they get. Aircraft are new and clean and I have never been delayed myself. Tickets are very very cheap, and they have reduced costs for hold luggage. Yes, the seats are tight, but for a few hours maximum, a few inches really makes little difference


RyanAir isn’t as bad as these forumers may put it. Low costly budget airline. Unless you would like the luxury of more available things to you, RyanAir will get you to your destination unharmed. Their safety record is pretty high up there, and their pilots are actually trained. Just bring your own snacks, and relax while you payed like 11£ for a flight… The main thing about the airline concludes with, they will get you to your destination.


I have flown with them often and i dont have any bad experience with them (except for 1 hard landing once). People underrate Ryr and thats unfair! Fly with them since the ticket is cheap!

I’ve flown Easyjet’s A319 from Luton to Venice. We bought nothing on board and were charged nothing extra. See if Easyjet flies on the route you want to travel on. I’ve flown both airlines and I’ve always found Easyjet that little bit nicer. (Although just slightly more expensive)

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If the flight is short, then take it if it is cheap.

Even if many like Swiss001 think that typical RyanAir landings means landing a plane upside down on a mountain because irl it has hard landings, then still take it because a hard landing doesn’t mean that you will die.

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