Ryanair: Hot, arid, dry to Cold and wet

Hi all!

Earlier this afternoon I decided to take a flight with careful coordination for scenery from Agadir to Frankfurt on Ryanair’s 737-800.

Training server
Took around 2 hours.


Ready for takeoff RWY09 at GMAD.

Immediately after takeoff, you get shot with a wave of the Atlas mountains, heading north.

See you later Morocco and Melilla!

¡Hola España!

A quick closeup of LEBL, soon crossing the French border.

Just crossed the Pyrenees and now in France.

Quick view over Lyon and their LFLL, soon beginning a descent to EDDF.

Short final to RWY25C at EDDF, welcome to Germany!


Nice photos love the last one

Lovely photos, hopefully you did not land in compliance with Ryainair standards*.


nice photos. The last one is really nice:)

Great shots:)

Yep, I did not for once.

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