Ryanair Hate

Ok, so first of all, before i get into the Topic, i cant use the real world aviation category.

So, lately, ive been seeing a LOT and i mean A LOT of people making fun of Ryanair for their bad landings in real life. Well, i don’t respect their opinion. Ryanair can and is a normal airline. The hard landings are not usually caused by pilots them self. Usually because of winds, or anything else. And anyway, these people probably never flown Ryanair ever, because they fly for example british airways which is better. They are thinking that they are crappy because they don’t have any luxury. It’s a low fares airline, what do you expect? And anyway, if they don’t have anything nice to say about ryanair, then they shouldn’t talk about it anyway. And they should keep the opinion to theirselfs. I personally don’t have anything against those people who hate Ryanair. Its just that i flew Ryanair over 20 times and i think it’s ok. I could rate it 4.0 stars out of 5.

That’s all, folks.
Happy flying :)


It’s just kind of a running gag, like Delta and Light Chop. I wouldn’t take it so seriously.


Actually it is the pilot that is in control of the plane. Pilots do hard landings because Ryanair often lands in places with reasonably shorter runways, so they have to get down ASAP.


Yes, indeed. But i don’t think they would do that on purpous. They could know that the passengers could get hurt.

I didn’t even realize that. I learned something new today :)

  1. If you can’t use the real world aviation cat then dont use it wait to you are trust level 2

Number 2 if people want to not like an airline that is fine it is there opinion therefore they can like/not like what ever they want