Ryanair from Bristol

Yesterday it’s Europe time so I did a regular Ryanair flight to Dublin tried out a new editing program and made it better if it shiny 737


Boeing 737-800 (Ryanair)


A shiny 737?

Haha, I love that picture :)


Shiny? More like an A N G E R Y 737. 😛

Just kidding, great photo! What editor did you use?


Imagine the editor you could use if u were sponsored by skill share

Great pics!

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I actually saw this route just started yesterday. Great shiny edit!

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I sincerely hope you used runway 28/10 and terminal 1 at EIDW… lovely picture though :)

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Well I did land at runway 28 but I don’t really know about which terminal I got in since I don’t really care about terminal after landings (I personally used the right terminal only on departures personally)

I see haha. In case you were wondering T1 is the north part.

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Since I looked back I actually went around terminal 2

pls don’t call the realism police on me :(

I am realism police… I’ll let you off with a ticket

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@Luke_King-kong Yea personally put the graphics high
@Butter_Boi adobe lightroom
@United2 Oh yea
@Kuba_Jaroszczyk Yea hope you had a great flight



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also adobe lightroom is free but theres some stuff you need to pay

Nice photograph of Ryanair😊👍

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I love Ryanair and this picture!

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@Mr.Oof yep captured it perfectly
@Jan_W ryanair is pretty undrrated to be honest if its either good or…

Nice picture

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