Ryanair FR936 EGSS - LFMP

Night flight from London Stansted to Perpignan-Rivesaltes in the Ryr738 on expert server.

Taking off from Stansted

Wing view from cockpit upon takeoff

Leaving Stansted behind

Descending into LFMP

On finals



Parked on the ground

Hope you enjoy, sorry for how dark they are


They are quite dark, but once you turn up your brightness, they look amazing! Welcome to the Community by the way!

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What a nice way to enter the community! Great pictures!

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Man if only da pics weren’t too dark!

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🥳Hi welcome to the community 🥳for future reference you could make the pics a little bit lighter but anyway nice pics 👍🏽

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Welcome to the community!
Once you turn the brightness up, the pics look pretty good! 👍🏻😃

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That flare to the landing looks very cool

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I suggest you take pictures when it isn’t very dark, as its hard to see them in the the dark

But from what I’m able to see, they’re pretty cool!

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These pics could be a good source to a “before and after” reminder for what the devs are working on very hard to implement in the near future :p (as stated in their vlog stream).

No, you don’t have to turn up your brightness, or change the dates so that the moon shines. Unless you want to switch to “Noon” to highlight all the HD sceneries… it is what it is. Our current night flights.

Nice pics, and welcome to the community btw, cheers mate! :)

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