Ryanair flight leaves 33 hospitalized!

Look you have to understand that this is not the pilots mistake plus it’s one of the safest airlines in the world! Also I dint understand the hate at leats they take you to we’re you want to go not like other airlines.

Is so sad that Ryanair has a bad reputation, i think is an amazing airline :/



No chance that the door was left open for several hours to only decompress later on during the flight. Pilot mentor and others have made good videos on these subjects, check them out.

Everyone needs to remember that it is not the airlines fault completely. There was something wrong with the aircraft which caused this to happen. However when it comes to having qualified pilots with high standards to allow them to fly for RyanAir, that’s a different story.


Let me ask you a question, who told you this? In order to fly any type of aircraft or machine that can soar into the skies you definitely need to be qualified. In order to touch an airliner such as the 737 and fly for a major European Airline, you need thousands of hours of experience.

Yes, RyanAir is an LCC, that doesn’t mean much when it comes to the pilots, I can assure you that they are as well trained as any other major carrier and must go through the same training as they have hundreds of souls on their hands. Every airline has hard landings, bumps, and screw ups, learn this.

The fact of the matter is, RyanAir does their business in a more cost efficient manner and make better profit than the major carriers, yes they have crappy service on board but considering you’re paying sometimes even as low as 10 Euros, what can we expect here?


I completely agree there ryanair has never had an accident including loss of life in its whole history(as far as i am aware) and even though it has had this horrible incident the fact is ryanair remains an extremely safe airline and frankly being in the position it is in in the market and the way it works of course it is going to get lots of complaints because it is a low cost carrier.

I dont think this is so true on the community because in general people on here are quite in tune with the aviation world but it seems in the general public some assume that because it is a LCC it is an unsafe and dangerous airline when in fact it is very safe and has high quality crew and aircraft as @chief305 mentioned above and i feel this is almost stereotypical viewpoint from the public towards this airline, and others, but this as it is thrust much more into the limelight much more than other LCCs is completely unfair and undeserved in terms of safety.


Well, it’s not common to see an airline with this ammount of incidents. Still, I think that you cannot control a depressurization, may be it can be avoided but you never know when and how is going to happen.
In fact Im impressed on how this ended, you don’t see the paxs bleeding from their ears so often in a plane, Im the kind of guy who does not even norice the pressure changing but I know it can bother people so bad. Hope Ryanair compenses what happened.

I agree 100% on that. Thankfully it is just childish people who criticize them for a few videos on some landings. They have a pretty safe record. If this was Emirates, they wouldn’t be going all crazy.


You have to understand they want to make money and this is not the pilots fault. Plus you only see videos of hard landings but I flew Ryanair on Monday and they landed it like a BA flight and it’s the videos like Ryanair vs spirt is bad Ryanair landings it’s not true because its a good airline


I am not even surprised that this happened. 😂😂

But then feel sorry for the people taking that flight and getting hospitallized.

People are just going by Ryanair’s bad reputation which is kinda annoying because in this case it was an issue that could have happen on even the best airlines in the world

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They’re gonna get sued faster than me going to the airport and back to my house

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@Chief305 Sorry what I said didn’t make sense.

What I was meaning to say is yes, of course they are qualified or else they wouldn’t be flying. However, the standards they hold when hiring pilots is pretty close to the bare minimum in terms of flight training, classes, hours and things like that.

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Any of them were fatal? Aha! Nope. Didnt think so buddy

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Yes of course, it is an LCC and usually the pilots are at the beginning of their career and need to build hours to fly for the mainlines eg BA, Lufthansa, Airfrance. The same also applies to the Regionals here in the US, pilots are at the start of their careers and fly the small CRJ’s and Embraer E Jets. Build hours and a few years later they may transition to the mainlines such as United, Delta, or American.

Everyone must start out somewhere. ;)

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Why isn’t the FAA or some sort of regulatory government organization cracking down on stuff like this? Why do airlines like Ryanair and Allegiant even exist with their high emergency rates, and lack of aircraft servicing?

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They are not bad airlines, this is not a fatal plus Ryanair never really had fatal crashes and the FAA would not be needed in this.

The FAA has no jurisdiction over RyanAir as it is an airline based in Europe. The FAA’s Jurisdiction is only on flights that fly over US airspace.



I meant something like the FAA as well.

In My opinion, there should be stricter maintenance requirements for airlines like Ryanair and Allegiant.