Ryanair flight leaves 33 hospitalized!

A Ryanair flight from Dublin to Croatia made an emergency landing in Frankfurt after the cabin lost pressure. The passengers however were seriously suffering, some even bleeding from their ears! This incident must have been horrific and terrifying. No word on how it was caused yet. What do you think, was it a door left open (we’ve seen that before) or just a normal depressurization! So many happening in 2018!


Oh Ryanair… Welcome to a new series of emergency Landings…

(they’ve already had approx. 130 emergencies)


I hope everything gets okay with the passengers! But I think this isnt a Ryanair fault every airline could happen this!


I don’t think it’s Ryanair’s fault at all. It could be the manufacturer because I’ve seen so many Boeing depressurizations this year, but I don’t want to speculate about that


I might get shouted at because of this…yeah


Man at this rate they’re gonna get sued


Damn, I wonder what @swiss thinks of this 😂


No depressurization is normal… lol


I was thinking of that too…
Let’s see what he says…

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I think a fair reason why Ryanair seem to have such bad reputation for stuff is that it’s such a big airline! It’s bigger than the whole of IAG! Just look at the stats.

It carries just 16.1 million passengers yearly less (which is a lot! - but in the grand scheme of things it’s not) than the whole of the Lufthansa group (in 2017) which is made up of 5 airlines as a-posed to Ryanair which is just one.

So having that in mind, the more people you transport the more likely it is to have more complaints thats just life.

And I think if you put together all of Lufthansa’s group accidents/emergency’s they would be pretty similar to Ryanair’s. But, as it’s 5 airlines, each airline has their own stats and they aren’t viewed as a whole, whilst Ryanair is just one airline transporting loads of people.

To conclude, I hope you understand where I am coming from. It’s just that every time Ryanair gets mentioned it’s like omg what a bad airline, when in fact every time I have flown with them they where great and on-time. However getting back on topic it’s horrible what happened, but it’s no Ryanair’s fault, in my opinion with it being such a big airline there’s bound to be accidents and emergencies.


Sorry if I went on, I’m in a bit of a mood. It is really bad what happened and there isn’t an excuse really, wonder what the reason was.

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Even tho Ryanair has a notorious reputation of being a really bad airline
This incident can happen on any airline like Emirates or Lufthansa


Can happen to every airline actually.
And I hate myself for missing the landing because I live in Frankfurt…

They also should have watched some of my videos to prepare their ears.


Sie Leben Im Frankfurt? Ohh u could have recorded that landing and put it on a new video on your channel @Swiss


Oh dearry me Ryanair. Cheap Life treating faires…


Surprised they’re not already gone…

How many of those have resulted in injuries is the question. Many many airlines call in emergencies every single day. Apart from this incident, Ryanair have only had one other incident where people were hospitalized. That was in on the 10th November 2008, Ryanair Flight 4102, from Frankfurt–Hahn Airport, suffered undercarriage damage in an emergency landing at Rome–Ciampino Airport, after experiencing bird strikes, which damaged both engines on approach. There were 6 crew members and 166 passengers on board. Two crew members and eight passengers were taken to hospital with minor injuries. Thats the only other recorded time passengers on board a Ryanair flight were taken to the hospital.

People seem to have this misconception about the airline, they are a low cost carrier. You cant expect a full flat bed as a seat. Ryanair operate just above the required legal limits for an airline. Their pilots are qualified to fly the plane, they get you from A - B mostly on time if its not on time you shouldnt blame the company as most of the time its not their fault. Their “hard landings” are usually out of their control. Maybe you could be on a flight with a new first officer, his first time landing the real thing loaded with passengers, you shouldnt expect it to be soft as hes new and still learning as the simulator is different to the real thing.

Yes Ryanair have had their hiccups so does every airline out there. I really dont see why they get all this hate.


You should watch @Swiss’s videos about Ryanair. He has like half a dozen and mentions 11/3 Ryanair landings in most of his videos

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4 hour flight on Ryanair on Thursday bois 👀

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I just said a prayer 🙏 for them. Hope they all recover & feel better as soon as possible. I can’t imagine what they truly felt. 😳