Ryanair - EGGD to LEIB, Bristol to Ibiza (With return)

Today’s service. A Ryanair flight from Bristol (EGGD) to Ibiza (LEIB) and the return to Bristol (EGGD).

The first leg took us out from Runway 09, Bristol’s easterly facing runway. A right turn took us down over the South of England, over the channel and across the Northern tip of France. We then crossed France passing Nantes, Toulouse and Bordeaux. The tail end of our first flight took us over Andorra and Barcelona before commencing our descent over the Balearic Sea and landing on Runway 24 at Ibiza.

The return flight took us out from Runway 24, before a right turn to head over the very turbulent North East of Spain. The return flight offered some beautiful scenery over the West Coast of France (Bordeaux, La Rochelle etc). We again passed over the Northern Tip of France, Jersey, Guernsey and across the Channel before commencing our descent over the Devon/Somerset border. Finally, a right turn took us over the Bristol Channel and into Runway 09 at Bristol to end today’s service.

Lining up RWY 09


What a gorgeous view 😍

Approach into Ibiza

Departure out of Ibiza

3 Photos of France

Final turn towards Bristol

Parked at gate


I can never get enough of the European scenery here… Very nice pictures!

Stay safe;)


A lot of it is stunning! Love the 737 as well. Thanks very much, you too 😁


Great photos! Lots of different landscapes along the way!

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Always surprises me how much the world changes after flying only a few hours. Both in Infinite Flight and the real world! :)

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