Ryanair Crew Forced to Sleep on Hard Floor


Bad weather


I saw this on Instagram. Yet another RyanAir mess up that just adds to the harassment that they already get.

I don’t like RyanAir in the first place, and they have done some pretty bad things, but this is just unforeseen and unacceptable


Ryanair says the picture was staged. Then look at what the COO of Ryanair said.

Credit, Peter Bellew


I’ve seen pictures of passengers sleeping on airport floors, but airline crews? That’s a new one for me. I’m pretty disappointed that Ryanair didn’t put their crew in a hotel, assuming that they’re staying in the city overnight.


@ChiknNRice The hotels were fully booked… Can’t put them in a hotel room which isn’t free!


Well, that explains it!


They should still be accommodated with blankets and pillows. A silly and idiotic mistake on Ryanair.


Just when we thought Ryanair couldn’t get any worse… Ryanair gets worse. 😬


Geez that’s just ridiculous,these pilots fly so many hours and yet they deserve a rest like this,the CEO needs a slap in the face to wake up and prevent this from happening again


WHY?! Does he slap-


I think it’s only the cabin crew tho.


This is unacceptable, even for an airline. As many of you said before, some low cost carriers (Southwest) care about their employees, and customers like family coming into their home. Ryanair needs better management.


That’s terrible. I don’t want to ride Ryanair now.


All we need now is a Swiss001 video about this😂


This all makes sense, given that this guy is running it…


This is infuriating. I have seen pictures of Spirit crew having to sleep in the PLANE overnight because of management being too cheap. The god freaking plane. But this is even worse. It just overly makes me mad. Sorry this has to happen to you Ryanair Crew.


I remember once when Heathrow staff handed out sleeping bags, pillows and blankets when one of the terminals flights were all cancelled, I know thats one of the largest airports, but in the short run Ryanair could’ve done the same to their staff!



Ryanair should be ashamed of themselves for this…


Maybe that’s the reason they make hard landings… They are used to it.


Just terrible absolutely disgusting act on Ryanair part