Ryanair Crew Forced to Sleep on Hard Floor


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image Ryanair has been slammed after a photograph emerged of Ryanair cabin crew sleeping in their uniform on a hard floor at Malaga Airport in Spain without any pillows or blankets.

This is another example of poor management at Ryanair, and how in my opinion they need new goals, values, and even a new CEO. Along with Ryanair pilots horrible pay.

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This is unacceptable! Doesn’t matter if they got diverted they should have accommodations.


Well tbh im not suprised they are horrible actually horrible in every way possible they dont understand they really dont get it they dont take care of their employees, they hardly even pay them and do nothing else for them BECAUSE IT COSTS MORE MONEY and ryanair would never give up their treasured money. what a horrible airline i would never THINK to fly them because they probably didnt clean the barf off their seats. so good job ryanair keep on being horrible and cheap !! They are basically the krusty crab IRL with Mr. Krabs as the CEO…


True. They don’t understand the definition of low cost. If you look at an airline such as Southwest, they have very good customer service but they don’t charge for much. You can fly with two bags for free, cheap fares, great staff, and there’s not much you have to pay extra for. Personally I think this is how an airline should really be like


yeah southwest is low fare. BUT THEY CARE thats the difference they actually clean the barf off their seats


I cant believe this! The crew must be fit for every flight. I would search a other airline or buy a cheap hotel. So sad for the pilots/cabin crew.


Yeah exactly what my point is. Southwest cares about their customers and employees.


So this is why the crews are always on strike…this is just unacceptable.


I just wanna throw in that this type of “unacceptable” behavior towards employees to whether it’s a minor or major company doesn’t matter and happen all around the world. Now I would believe that the vast majority of the companies in the world, and especially within in the aviation industry wouldn’t and don’t allow this to happen, but unfortunately the world isn’t far and if money is all what Mr. CEO cares about then employees status is second to none of their business.

Basically, unfairness still exists, has existed and will always be there to exist. It will never seize to be present and will haunt many workers throughout history. There’s much we could do but at the same time it’s not that easy to just barge in be like, hey, you, stop toying around with your employees like hat, give them fair treatment like others in your own company or like others in other companies.

I’ll just end of by saying that this not okay, this shouldn’t happen, but not much you can do about it, right? I’ve seen worse working climates that persist around the world, and this is one of them, ranked in the list of unfair treatment of workers in a company who’s main goal is to actually serve other people. I mean how are you gonna be at service when you don’t receive the same service from your boss or whoever is in charge?

Well the world is a big place guys, and this is one of many horrible stops you’ll see along the path.


Yeah, it’s unacceptable. But we still continue to fly low cost. With every ticket we purchase, we support this.

I call myself a green-liberal person. But here, I think it’s the governments job to do something. The market itself won’t come up with a solution as people will continue to pay the low prices. This hurts not only the environment but also every employee.

Personally, I try to fly as less low cost as possible. It doesn’t work everytime as my home airport is basically only served by low cost carriers though. But I’m definitely willing to pay more. Flying isn’t something we should take for granted.


I do see your point there.


I know, low pay, treated unfairly, bad shifts. It gets worse too.


SW does care about thier customers! That’s why I always fly with them! :)


Do people realize this is staged giving out about there work hours ?


I know, it’s very unacceptable behavior of the people at the airport, Ryanair staff etc.


Very entertaining post but hard to follow with the run on sentences lel


Yes, great customer service as well. That’s why people love southwest and it still has amazing fares!


I know, I am trying to read all of them!


Lol I’m sorry 😂😂


Do we have a reason on why they were sleeping on the floor?