Ryanair considering A350 and 787

I have seen an article that Ryan air was looking to buy A350s or 787s for long haul routes read here

Just want to say RIP the A350 and 787


Why “rip”?

Because of hard landings

Yeah, let’s not start with this @Gm2kmike20


Ryanair please take this message



Start with what?

You know Ryanair pilots are trained a lot and fly much more than others. They are very appreciated by other airlines and you often see them type rate on Boeing 777 or 787.

Ryanair is making a smart move, they have hundreds of pilots wanting to upgrade, having their own long haulers will be a great thing.


Yeah I know but just saying poor planes

May I ask, where is your proof?

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And it will be budget long haul as well

If you were a planespotter you wouldn’t see a difference between ryr lands or any others


I wouldn’t see it but I would feel it if I was on it

I think they should go with the A350 to give there fleet a bit of variety between the two companies

Guys, please all calm down. Things are getting a little tense, plus we’re all going off topic.

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I’m not so sure if it’s actually that smart for Ryanair to start a long-haul service. They have been a short-haul airline since the beginning. Together with easyJet they are the leader in the European LCC market. Why change a winning team?

Long-haul is a totally different topic. We already have a couple LCCs there, like Norwegian. Lufthansas Eurowings is also a big name. It will be very difficult to set foot there.

The other problem is that the short-haul Ryanair product won’t work as good on long-haul. There are many people who’d rather pay a little more for some comfort on an 8h flight. The other point is that you can’t sell Trans-Atlantic flights as cheap as Ryanair is selling their European flights if you want to make some profit.

I actually doubt that we’ll see Ryanair doing long-hauls because of that. But maybe I’m proven wrong.


I remember going on Ryanair and they did a hard landing at Stansted recently

Back to topic, it would actually kinda be interesting to see a Ryanair that is not a 737, but actually a long haul plane

Heard that in a documentary talking about European low cost carriers, they talked about Ryanair and Norvegian, both implemented in France

OK, @Gm2kmike20. Let me sum this up. You make an old topic about this. It is probably closed for a reason and you make a new one. Does it not occur to you that this topic causes arguments because of Ryanair stereotype?


No it was because I wasn’t tl2

actually you have a point, there services I’ll be honest, Ryanair are a bit boring in terms of entertainment, ifor they want to start going long range, be best if they take slowly along the way by upgrading a few features now and then