Ryanair cancelling 40-50 flights a day, but why?

I am in January to America. Funnily enough they don’t flight direct to Sofia from Stansted 🙄


Huh. When I flew them roundtrip LAX-DUB they were pretty cool. You’ll like them @MishaCamp ;)

It’s RyanAir. I mean come on what do you expect?

I flew on Jetblue the day the FAA changed the hours the flight crew had to rest. Jetblue at the time thought it too expensive to go through the trouble of reprogramming their computers to account for the change. They asked the FAA for an extension in time to implement the change but were denied. So most of their pilots were not where they needed to be…or needed to rest for a longer period than before and missed their scheduled flights.
To get where we needed to go, we ended up flying from a different airport than our return flight.
Jetblue’s scheduling was so messed up I flew down with 5! pilots in my row trying to get to their planes. I was sitting next to a pilot’s pilot who was reading an issue of Flying while flying down to his plane.
Ryanair sounds like a similar situation…where they felt they could get away without following the rules.

I heard from some friends at Ryanair that over 400 pilots left the Company this last quarter, which is the main cause for issues. Although interesting enough many of them left for Norwegian.

Please tell me you also just got an £80 flight voucher from them 😳

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Not me but I would bloody love one! 😭😩😭

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