Ryanair cancelling 40-50 flights a day, but why?

Apparently this is fine! Surely there’s a duty of care to get their passengers home on time? Or as close to - compensation claims will be submitted I assume!


Crew leave is the reason stated in the article.

On another note, RyanAir may purchase bankrupt Alitalia, which is very interesting, going to operate as two separate airlines, but will cut costs for Alitalia.

Flew back with them today. My flight out was fine but the later flight I could have chosen was cancelled. Would have made for an eventful day…


Staffing is absolutely critical to the airline industry. If you don’t have people to work the planes, that’s when things go south. As an airline employee I respect RyanAir for cancelling these flights in advance because they know they won’t be able to staff them. It’s a lot better than the meltown DL had in April after thunderstorms in Atlanta caused a ripple effect of thousands of cancellations over 5 days. It is unfortunate to those who were booked on flights to have them cancelled.


With EU compensation laws being very expensive, I’m sure this decision was not taken lightly. Compensating each passenger hundreds of euros isn’t exactly great for the bottom line.


To be honest is could be avoidable if RyanAir changed there practice with it’s pilots. Typically they work them like donkeys for the summer months and then come winter most pilots get an entire month off solely because they run out of legal hours. My mate who works at RyanAir averages 95 Block Hours a month which is high compared to my 60-65.


Ryanair is one big mess, to be honest when you don’t have enough staff, your passengers are paying 9 pounds for some tickets somethings gotta give, someone needs to hire more causal staff and maybe have a look and management and give that a shake up

Well, great, just found out my flight to Berlin was cancelled.

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It’s because of the European judges. Ryanair just lost a case and they have to guarantee the holidays of the staff. They also need that their ground staff follow the laws of the country they are stationed in.

Well, your are at Easyjet and that another thing…

Money is in the air. They aren’t getting anything with there planes stopped. Ryanair is not like this!

Wait… if RYR is going to buy Alitalia, then Italy’s national carrier is going to be… well, there’s no way to say it better but it will be bought by a company based in Dublin… and that is not good for an national carrier.

So does that mean you’re back from Kenya?

List of cancellations!

So so lucky again. My flight to Sofia on the 19th is fine in the day, but the evening one is cancelled. Phew.


Lucky Lucky @MishaCamp my flight has been cancelled on the 20th 😭😭😭😭 Getting refund right away!

Its all the talk over here in Ireland, people are thinking its crazy and people are not liking the way they are going. It has been said that they are losing upwards of 250 million Euros. 400,000 passengers left with a canceled flight. Shocking.


Ah jheeze it has actually been cancelled. They can’t even get the bloody flight number correct on the cancellation sheet!! Now the website isn’t working either. Classic.


Wouldn’t expect anything else! Luckily I don’t have to fly but nasty for people who have to be somewhere or really want to be somewhere e.g. Holiday or Work!

Next time you need to fly Aer Lingus…