Ryanair Boeing 737-800 spoilers problem

Whenever i land a ryanair 737-800 the spoilers dont seen to work?anyone else experiencing this😪

Which settings do you have them on? Flight or Armed.

Armed means, they wont deploy in the air, only on the ground.

Flight means they will deploy in air, and stay in same positions on the ground.

I have the on armed and when i touch down they wont deploy and its only on the ryanair one

I’ve never had a problem like this.

And when i land a turkish 737-800 for example its fine its just the ryanair one :/

Message Matt or Philippe.

They don’t have a Turkish 737-800. They have a Turkish 737-700 and 737-900.

Yeah i know i was just saying this issue is on the ryanair 737-800 😅

I haven’t experienced this before

I’ve just had a go at landing with mine and the spoilers worked fine as soon as I touched down. No issues that I can tell. I’m using IF on an iPad with iOS 8.

Im on ios 9.0.2 on iphone 5

Are you sure it doesn’t work? It worked perfectly for me on landing…

I have moved to Bugs and changed the title to be a little more descriptive. :)

Can you get a screenshot of this😄?

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Maybe the flaps broke because of a super hard landing…#Ryanairlife