Ryanair Boeing 737 800 Realistic(ish) Rejected Takeoff @ Dublin || IF Assistant

Ryanair Boeing 737 800 Realistic Rejected Takeoff @ Dublin || IF Assistant

Hello all, before my subscription expired I decided to try something new. So I decided to use IF Assistant, I had had it for a long time and forgot about it. Then when I was planning YouTube videos before I lose pro I thought. Let’s use IF Assistant. So I did!

Flight Details

Server: Solo
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Livery: Ryanair
Airport: Dublin (EIDW)

Note: You may have to click the gear > Quality > 720p. That can happen sometimes, sorry!

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Wow! That was really cool! IF assistant really does add another level of realism! Well done!

So realistic. Lovely video.

Your video intro says, ‘your watching’ maybe you mean ‘you’re watching’

Thank you @AviationFreak

@Anthony_Williams thanks! I will address the into sometime in the late 2020 to early 2021 when I redo my intro.

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I struggled to maintain control over my OCD when you departed on RWY 16. 16/34 is used as a taxiway IRL! Only used if 10/28 is being maintained.

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Thanks for the information but a PM would have been just as grand