Ryanair Boeing 737-700

I’d like to see this livery in IF because i actually kinda like the Ryanair livery. And it just looks adorable!
They use it for training and corporate purposes.
newsarticle-249706-scaled-580x0 Picture provided by Ross Hallam

I hope you know that this is most likely photoshopped. I dont know a tin about Ryanair’s fleet but I do know if this is from like 2016 or newer than it’s fake as Ryanair only uses the 737-800 and 737MAX8.

Well. It isn’t photoshopped.


I just figured that out. Ryanair’s only Boeing 737 - 700 is used for the crew training and VIP charter flights. The aircraft offers 60 luxury Business Class seats for its passengers. Ryanair Boeing 737 EI-SEV.


Airliner Watch


Also interesting as this is also the oldest aircraft in Ryanair’s fleet.


Quite often seen at Prestwick Airport not too far from where I live.

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I can’t believe Ryanair has the capital for luxury seating but would love to see this as an edition to the IF fleet. Sadly out of votes though sadly.

I am surprised to see that they had a Boeing 737-7 in their fleet!
You learn something new every day :)

Their Boeing 737-700 is only used for private and training purposes.

Their commercial fleet consists of (currently) only the 737-800 as well as the 737-MAX8 (grounded - and which Ryanair have renamed the 737-8200)

I’ve been on that exact aircraft a few years ago from Dublin to East Midlands!

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This could be nice but we can’t handle this many Ryanairs, the WORLD couldn’t handle this many Ryanairs. Haha I’m just joking. I’m just out of votes

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