Ryanair best seat?

Sorry if this in the wrong category but in around 3 and a half weeks I’m flying from Stansted to Podgorica and my family reserved seats 23c,d,e,f but I’m going to switch seats and I was wondering if seat 12a has good view is near the engine cause I haven’t flown Ryanair in around 2 years now. If there’s any other better seats feel free to tell me cause I’m gonna reserve my new on tonight

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I feel that on the 737, the front will be more quite and will give a better view.

However, be sure not to get that seat without the window

Check seatgurus for better info on seats and see which is the best


You get what you pay for


Here the seat map of a 737-800 on Ryanair. So I guess that 12A would have a pretty good view of the engine and wing


I think the pilot seat is the best


I’ve checked seat guru but I’ve heard Apparantly the configurations on their website are not real but I don’t know

I wish I could sit in the pilot seat :(

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Ask Swiss001, he knows 😉

I think it’s row 11 that doesn’t have a window :)


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