Ryanair B737-800 (Updated)

As we all know by now,

the current Ryanair EI-EVI is one of the older liveries from Ryanair, which include the old cabin and seats.

Ryanair made an updated livery and if you see that you have the updated livery, you will get the new cabin and seats.

Here is an image about it:


I think that the updated livery would look much better in IF, what do you think?

Comment down below.

Great request but please vote for your own feature.


Hey , thanks for reminding me ;)

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The interiors are different, which I really like the new one, but I don’t see much difference in the exterior. Is there something I’m missing?


If you take a serious look, the ryanair flying angel thingy is facing normally on the old one, and on the new one, it’s diagonal, and also, the font is a lot thinner compared to the old one.


Amazing Feature!
I hope to see the update soon!
I have vote it!

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Well, I wouldn’t call it a “new livery” I suggest you update the title to “Updated Livery” since they haven’t changed much.

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Well it relates to the new seats etc too ya know

Seats are not part of the livery though.

I think they need to change the left wing view cause it looks unrelistic!

Yes, but I’m relating to the seats too as in with the livery. Have you ever seen anyone post “Ryanair 737-800 (new seats)”?

I think this should come with the full rework.

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Well,you should rename the request to “Updated Version” as livey specifically means the paint job of the aircraft. The title is deceiving as it makes it seem like they got a completely new livery.

Hey,amazing feature request,which I believe will make Infinite Flight much more realistic,but remember,only 1 picture per request! Maybe try putting all together,and taking a screenshot.


Adding on to Waffles, you should add some more details about the livery or the airline or the plane. Something to make it more appealing to voters.


To assist everyone, have a look at the image below (not my photo). The harp on the tail is a different angle. It’s eadier to see on this image :)


Yes, you can definitely see the changes there.


Fixed! Thanks for pointing out.

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Look the differences:

The sharklets have more angle!
And are much longer!

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Did you steal my photo?! Haha

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