Ryanair announces a plan to create a Polish charter airline!

Hello Community!
Ryanair strikes once again! The airline announce that they will open a charter airline based in Poland! As Poland is a one of the main destinations for Ryanair, the airline is planning to open Ryanair Sun. Ryanair Sun’s fleet is set to consist of five Boeing 737-800 aircraft. There has not been much said about this and this is just a plan for Ryanair! But to be honest, I have flown Ryanair many times in and out of Poland and it always is packed and full of passengers. I would say yes on this project!




Are you sure this isn’t an April Fool’s joke? :/


@Bobby Yeah I’ve been hearing about Ryanair Sun since midway through March.

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Will they land hard?


Heard that Warsaw Modlin Airport is their hub. The airport is new and the runway is smooth. Expect like -700VS on landing and bump up above 1.4G.

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I feel like this has something to do with April fools… I don’t think Ryanair will be moving out of Ireland anytime soon. That logo looks really badly done.

It doesn’t seems to be an April Fool’s joke… There are several articles available online and even a special page on Ryanair’s Careers website. :)


They aren’t moving! They are just starting a new airline in Poland. This isn’t an April fools joke!


They need to buy planes other then the 737


2000 called, they want their logo back…


Wow, what a great advancement for Ryanair!

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If they only have one type its easier to train crew

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Wow, if this were to ever eventually end up happening that would be pretty interesting…

Like father like son (Ryanair and Ryanair Sun)

Simple Answer: Yes they will land hard.

Polish charter airline with 5 aircraft only?
Seems redundant to me, but I’m excited to see what they are on about.

@Clouds @ElpoDaKing
Ryanair pilots doing hard landings is nothing but a blunt stereotype. They can and do land just as softly as any other pilot and vice versa. Any pilot will have firm and smooth landings.


Yes. But Ryanair is world-famous for doing such hard landings, just look on Youtube :p.

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Oh snaaaaaaaap! Loving the idea of a Ryanair Polish charter! The logo could use a bit of work though…

It’s obvious that only hard Ryanair landings are posted on YouTube. It’s something absolutely normal, however again and again overdrambled, so it has become a stereotype for Ryanair.
You could find just as much hard landing videos for any other major airline, but nobody cares.
Ryanair isn’t that much of a bad airline like it’s said to be.

Anyways, back on topic.


You’ll kill yourself over a terrible joke? Not really that funny. Don’t joke about suicide please.

It seems FR have seen a market opening somewhere, who knows if it’ll take off

and I’ll see myself out also