Ryanair 737-800NG Brussels - Schiphol - Un realistic

Warning, If you get annoyed by un-realistic routes do not look at this.

Calm Flight to Schiphol From Brussels
737-800NG (Sky Interior)
Time: Noon, Server: Solo Player, Visibility 100KM ,Wind Gusts: 2-3KNTS

Flight Time: 20 Minutes

Aircraft: EI-FOJ
Use: 3.6 Years MSN: Frogot.

Uploading: 79C94FFD-79AD-40C8-985E-555D7FC024E4.jpeg… Uploading: 8C7B0852-ECAE-44E0-BDE6-61DF3C82BF74.jpeg…


Very nice photos!

Thank you! :)

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Looks like two of your pictures didn’t upload properly, other than that they are awesome.

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Hmm, Thanks for letting me know!

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Quick flight
What was your speed

It was really 30 minutes frogot to check the full one before leaving. Should have checked replays.

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But did you Butter your Ryanair plane?
Nice pics.

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@Butter_Boi Haha, Yes I did. I’ve got a nice 10 Hours on infinite flight with the Ryanair 737. I have 26 Hours in total so I have a lot of practice:)

Thanks for asking :)

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