Ryan_Gibb's Best of 2020

Hello IFC. I’m late to the trend as per usual. Exactly 15 hours and 21 minutes late to be exact. But, better late than never eh.

I only began spotting this year in February, so my “best of 2020” are mostly from within the last 3 months or so. Otherwise you’d be looking at some pretty dull shots lol. All of these shots were taken at EIDW/Dublin Airport.

Anyway without further ado;

My Favourite Shot of The Year:

One of my main goals for 2021 is to get much better and sunrise shots. I think they’re the sexiest things. N800AN is the aircraft in the shot above.

My Favourite Catch of The Year:

CS-TJR a brand new TAP A321LR in a brand new retro livery!

My Rarest Catch of The Year:

Not a rare aircraft in general but at Dublin it is extremely rare and unusual

G-VYUM 787-9 on a cargo flight from KLAX-EIDW-EGLL

Honourable Mentions:

N391UP after getting a new engine after experiencing an engine failure on departing from Dublin.

The best aircraft EI-GEV don’t even @ me

Other Shots I’m Proud of:

Anyway that’s it. I hope next year’s topic can be of much higher quality. Hopefully I get the chance to spot abroad too fingers crossed. Hope you enjoyed! I’m sure I could improve a few with some hardcore editing but… effort


Nice Ryan! You’ve improved massively in 2020.

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Awesome as always! Happy New Year :)

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Man that first shot was amazing! Amazing photos Ryan!

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Ryan, all of these shots are absolutely amazing. I adore the last Air Canada one. I have to say that I really try to make some of my photos look as good as yours but whatever I do, I can’t so thank you for challenging me. Well done

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Fwwwwesh pics lad🙌🏻

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That hangar shot is amazing, can’t wait to see more in 2021!

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Amazing shots, looking forward to seen more this year 2021 👌 happy new year bud


I like the TAP shot the most

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Don’t see Ireland spotting to much so this is cool!

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Very nice images Ryan :D

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l Great shots ryan!

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Haha thanks! Thanks for all the help ❤️

Thanks guys 😁

Bro just move to Dublin and you’ll get better fast 😂 The traffic at Cork is boring. Thanks ❤️

Thanks guys 🙏❤️ And that didn’t go unnoticed Declan 🤫👹


Wow. Incredible, great shots!

Now this is a cool shot!

I couldn’t agree more. You made huge progress over the year and I am highly looking forward to see more post of you in the future!
I would also probably agree with the TAP as one of the favourites, especially as the livery is just amazing, even though I very well remember one or two fantastic Lufthansa and SWISS pictures, which could take the spot as well :)


Haha thanks mate. Really appreciated ❤️ I was tempted to put that Lufthansa shot in but it didn’t seem to do too well in the IFC spotting competition so I didn’t put it in 😂

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