Ryan_Gibb’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

I’m trying to improve my ATC skills. I will be controlling on the training server. You may request an airport for me to control at. If you choose to join me please give me feedback! Feel free to criticise me a lot. 😊 After all that’s why I’m here!😉 please scroll to the bottom of the thread to find out what airport I am currently at!


I am currently controlling at LFPG. Paris!! Feel free do do some pattern work if that’s what you’re looking for!


Hey, use this format to create an ATC Tracking Thread:


Ok I’ll be there but you might wanna fix your ATC Thread name.

Alright thanks my first time. Fixed!

No you still didn’t, I finished it for you.

Can I suggest not opening LFPG? It’s quite a big TS hub and you will get all the trolls.

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Any chance you could control at RSW around 7:30 EST?

I’m going to fly in from Philly

If you can’t it’s totally fine, I’ll just fly the route on expert

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I think it would be a bit too much hassle right now as people have already spawned in but I will do so in future!


Am or pm? I neeed 10 characters

PM, in 2 Hours and 40 minutes

Sure no problem mate!

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Awesome! I’ll see if I can give you updates along the way so you’re not waiting for too long

And just so you know

I’ll be American 643, an Airbus A321
just so you can track me on live flight to see where I am

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Last question, what time zone are you in so it’s not confusing when I’m giving you updates on my ETA

Ok I just there but I have to leave early due to my school work but you want me to PM you or leave feedback here?

I am Zulu time zone so you can use your Zulu clock on the hud

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Here I see fine mate 😉

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So I only do one touch and go as you know I have to leave early but here are feedback:

Everything look fine except 2 things

  • I request takeoff runway 26R and you cleared me to takeoff runway 26R and make left traffic which is correct but after I took off I’m inbound for touch and go you told me to enter left downwind runway 26R you don’t have to say that because you’re already told me to make left traffic when you cleared me for takeoff

  • Transition should at least 1000ft above pattern, you have cleared me to transition 2500ft or above but if you look at LFPG ground level is almost 500 AGL mean pattern attitude is 2000ft AGL which mean transition attitude must be 3000ft or above

But everything else you did great!

Great Job!

Thanks for the feedback mate really appreciate it. Two things which I didn’t know were wrong so you really helped me there mate!


No Problem!

I’ve reached cruise so I’ll give you updates when I get close to Florida!