Ryan_boi's ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

Hello people!!! this is my tracking thread where I control tower and ground ONLY. I will allow pattern work, departure, arrivals, and runway changes if possible. I am not very good so be aware. Feel free to reply my mistakes and stuff. FYI, I do not control often due to school work and I control at least 20-10 mins. Also I will edit the new frequencies on here. Thank you for those who came!!! XD

Username: Jae_H_Lee
Status: Closed
Server: Training
Airport: N/A
Frequencies: Ground and Tower


Can’t come right now, feel free to tag me next time :)

ok XD. i will

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Ok, thank you :)

no problem

@Fung_Sum-sum i am open now!!!

Username: controler
Status: Open
Server: Training
Airport: YSSY
Frequencies: Ground and Tower

Ru still open might come along

yea im open. pretty boring. lol

Lol ok might come to practice my pattern work

sure thanks!!!

Hey there.

I recommend to not go to airports like YSSY or KDFW because sometimes you can get trolls there.

I would recognize going to KADW or KVAD, or any airport that has parallel runways

ok. ill go to KAWD

Oh wow just spawning in to yssy

Username: controler
Status: Open
Server: Training
Airport: KAWD
Frequencies: Ground and Tower

U mean kadw

hold up. my wifi trash. may not control soon

Oh wow I’m already spawned in
If u can’t make it, just tag me whenever ur open again

ok in in at KADW @Ahmed1 @MJP_27 @Fung_Sum-sum

@Ryan_boi I can’t enter right base I only just turned right downwind