Ryan Air and Ryanair

Hi! I just found out that there are airlines named Ryan Air and Ryanair.

I’m sure that most of you know Ryanair. If you don’t, it is the airline famous for it’s hard landings in Europe.

I found Ryan Air in Alaska on Flighradar24. I don’t know anything about this airline. I googled Ryan Air and all it gave was Ryanair.

If you think this is fake, here is proof:

If you have any information about anything in this thread, and especially about why the airline is named Ryan Air, at least in Flighradar24, I’m happy to hear.

Thank you!


because they can

No relation to the European one, just a charter company.


Now onto the real question, who is Ryan?!


Im more impressed By that plane: CASA C-212


What type of Air has Ryan is the real question


Also, you should charge your phone. It could die in a few minutes.

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I believe the “Ryan Air” shown is a airline HQed in Anchorage, Alaska and provides brush flights around Alaska

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Still hasn’t died😏

That might be true

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They operate smaller prop planes with the biggest being the Saab 340s they fly cargo with

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That’s intresting! I didn’t know that

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Yeah! Never heard of it

I’m not sure but he might be a person from a planet called Earth😉

I just found this…

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No just no please. No

5mins later…

Yeah, they fly the Cessna 207, Cessna 208, CASA 212-200, Pilatus PC-12 and Saab 340 👍

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I’ve seen some Ryan Air planes fly over me, I think their livery is cool.