✰ Ryan Air 737-800 | Faro - Shannon ✰

Hey everyone! While reading the IFATC list I was super happy to see an airport I fly into frequently (Shannon) on the list. Yesterday, I flew the 737-800 from Faro-Shannon on Expert Server. This flight takes about 2.5 hours, but we landed about a half-hour early. I really enjoyed this flight as Ireland has beautiful scenery.

1 | Taxi to Runway 28.

2 | Take off from Faro, Portugal!

3 | The beautiful beaches of Faro.

4 | Flying over the ocean!

5 | Flying over Ireland.

6 | Landing at Runway 6.

Thank you guys for having a look at my pictures.


Thanks dude for flying into my home airport! I also flew a Ryanair from London Stansted to Shannon - FR103. Stunning scenery after departing Faro. What a busy day it was! 👍

No problem! I agree, it was super busy yesterday. I used to fly into Shannon from my home airport, JFK. What a beautiful area.

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nice pics, one question you knew I was going to ask though, did you smash the plane into the ground for more realism?

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@StormyAviation Ryanair pilots are able do butter, the hard landings stereotype only applies to airports where the runway length is short and the pilots have to land quickly!

Lovely Pictures Aidan! Maybe you would consider flying for Ryanair Virtual?


Emm not really. Ryanair land hard so they can exit the runway faster. Therefore saving fuel, time and money. And a lot of their pilots are still early into their career. Meaning most aren’t perfect 😂😂😅

Anyway. Back to the topic. Great screenshots mate. 👍👍 my home Airport 😁😁


LMAO, not this time!

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That is also true Lol