Ryan_1872’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @N/A


Hey IFC! I’m training to become IFATC! I am going to open Tower and ground here!

Please come along and see if I make any mistakes ?

Pattern Work Is aloud


Make sure to state whether you’re open or closed in your title ;)

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Doing it now



Listen you ATC
Pattern work is allowed !


Pattern work is Allowed* and the title lmao

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Oof yeah lol


I’ll stop by for a pattern or two.

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Greetings, @Ryan_1872.

I was MR-NICK.

My Feedback

You did good with giving me clearance, but you didn’t give me any sequencing in the pattern, which means I didn’t know who to follow.

Remember this: Sequence then Clearance

Sequencing basically let’s the pilot know who to follow when entering the pattern.

Not sure why you did this, but you told the Emirates A380 to line up while I still hadn’t passed the runway threshold yet, so I had to go-around.

Ground work was very good, but, you cleared me for pushback when there was an Emirates A380 taxing right behind me. In that situation, you would tell the pilot to hold position.

Right when I passed the airport for my transition, and called inbound, you told me to go-around. The correct thing to do in that situation is to give a pattern instruction to enter left downwind for Runway 23, so I’d know where to go in the pattern.

Last thing, the transition altitude you gave me probably should’ve been 2500 feet.

Other than that, good job, and good luck! 🤞👍


The Emirates was having Connection Issues lol, I asked him to line up when you were 12NM out! He left game and then he spawned back in when you were 2NM out! Sorry about that.

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Hey Ryan_1872! My username is Humars and my callsign is N687HS, I was one of your attendants for todays session. It was and has been a chaotic flight, but not to forget here’s your general feedback:


You did good! You answered most requests correctly in a minimally exceptional timely manner!


When you told me to line up and wait on Runway 23, you didn’t clear me for takeoff until the aircraft behind me on final initiated a go around. Also, I advise you give a direction on which crosswind you would like me to take, whether that would be right or left traffic. Or, if you didn’t allow pattern work at the time then you would need to tell me that you’re unable to provide pattern entries.

A key aspect of being an Air Traffic Controller is to be aware of your surroundings and know what’s going on, you should answer requests in a timely manner if possible to avoid unnecessary delays.

Otherwise, you did good. I recommend you continue to watch tutorial videos to get a perspective of being an air traffic controller. Hope to see you in your next sessions (if I’m able to come of course)!

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Yes thank you! A lot of traffic for just 1 runway. I will use a different airport next time with 2 runways

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Alright, I recommend you control on airports with two parallel runways. In the practical exam they will test you on an airport with two parallel runways (correct me if I’m wrong, although I’m totally sure what I’m saying is correct some clarification won’t hurt), so it’s recommended you get experience with a airport that has two parallel runways.


I have good Experience lol, Just Been really tired lately! I’m going to do one tomorrow when I feel more awake! See you soon 👍🏻

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Alright, see you in your next session!

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pattern work is aloud!
26R Landing
26L Departures!

I’ll stop by for a bit.

Thank you see you there

Asked you to go around because of this !



Greetings, again, @Ryan_1872.

I was MR-NICK.

Alright, so first of all, you’ve improved greatly over your last session, but you still have some things to work on.

Once you clear me for takeoff on 26L, you told me to make left traffic, which is correct. But, when you cleared me for the option you told me, “Cleared for the option, after the option, make left traffic”. So, you do not need to tell me the traffic I need to make again, since you already implied I would make left traffic in the takeoff clearance.

The only time you give me the traffic again is if I change runways. For example:

Let’s say I was Cleared for Takeoff on 26L, but then I requested change to 26R. I wouldn’t know what traffic to make, since you just changed runways. If I stayed at the same runway, I would know what traffic for me to make since I implied the traffic in my takeoff clearance. So in this situation, if I changed to 26R, you’d tell me, “Cleared for the option, after the option, make right traffic”.

Very good on the runway change, you gave me the pattern instruction, then cleared me for the option.

Spot on with the exit runway command, and using the “cross runway” option.

You did very good, and you’ll definitely improve. 🤞👍

Thank you, I was so tired yesterday lol, Feel more awake aha, Thank you lol

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