Ryan_1872’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A [PASSED IFATC Written/Practical Test]

Hello there i am starting to practise to get everything ready to join IFATC

Hop along and i’ll be on for around half an hour or so!


On my way!!!

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Did you want me to land?

You said cleared to land so I did a full stop

Yeah, i had to go, something urgent

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Ok well anyways heres some pointers, (and if it was urgent you could have left i would not have been mad or anything)

•my pushback and taxi command was great
•Takeoff clearence was great!
• After I took off you told me to enter left downwind, you do not need to issue a enter left downwind unless I am inbound or you told me to extend crosswind
•Clearing me for the option was great, but you told me to make left traffic after the option. Since I took off and yoy told me left traffic you did not need to give me a direction since I already knew which way to go!
You should only instruct which pattern direction if I am an inbound aircraft!
• Progressive taxi woudl not have been needed in my taxi to gate!

Other than that great job!
Ping me next time you have a session and I’ll throw in a few things to test your knowledge!!!

I just wanted to get you down lol, i would’ve felt bad just leaving you there if i had asked you to come along lol But thank you anyways

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Yes no worries brother!! I can’t wait to see you join the IFATC team! I am also in training I’ve passed the written and im getting ready for the practical so if you ever need any help let me know!!

Best of luck

I’m about to resit my Written!

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open again

Open at LIBV

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I’ll stop by!

You did a good job controlling, sorry that I did the wrong runway, I wasn’t paying attention. Also when I was going around I pulled back and I stalled LOL and started falling and spinning and I got a violation soooooooo 😂. You did a very good job though(better than me lol).

Ahahah i seen it, you came downright infront of me

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Passed my Written!!!

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Opening ETSI at 20:30Z

Come join @ ETSI

Coming right now! What aircraft do you prefer?

Could you come in 30 mins, something has shown up, I’ll be active then @american69